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    Wanhe built the first flat-panel solar heat absorbent coating production line

    • Last Update: 2021-02-24
    • Source: Internet
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    In order to enhance the technical level and production capacity of Wan and Ping panel solar collector, the reporter learned that the company spent a lot of money in Guangdong Gaoming Yang and new energy production base to build the first flat-panel solar heat absorber coating production line, through the use of unique manufacturing process, to ensure that the production process easily achieve a higher level of process control, superior performance, product quality and stability, and can be mass production.
    four advantages of the production line
    1 simplification. The production process is relatively simple, easy to achieve a higher level of process control, product quality is stable;
    2 industrialization. Suitable for mass production, a production line of annual production capacity can be matched with 700,000 square meters of flat-panel solar collector;
    3 high performance. The use effect is good, the supporting flat-panel solar collector high efficiency, long life, stable performance;
    4 low pollution. The raw materials and accessories used in the production are basically pollution-free, and the energy consumption of the production process is low.
    Can convert 92% of the energy in the sun into thermal energy
    According to the base technical staff, Wan and flat panel solar spray production line ahead of domestic counterparts, which is indesoid from its choice of
    and its production process, Wanhe paint belongs to the silicon functional coatings, with high selectivity, high weather resistance two characteristics. High selectivity is reflected in the high absorption rate and low emission rate, absorption rate of 92%, can be projected on the heat collector surface of the sun 92% energy into thermal energy, emission rate of 20%, effectively reduce the energy loss of the surface of the heat absorber; The weather resistance of this product reaches the best target of similar products on the market at present, which can withstand more than 500 hours in artificial wet and salt spray test environment, but also has good anti-UV ability, can meet the requirements of 15 years of use under normal conditions. According to information provided by foreign paint suppliers and field investigations, the heat absorbers removed from the solar collector, which have been used normally by users for more than 20 years, have been tested and their main technical indicators remained basically unchanged.
    , it is understood that the use of coated heat absorber solar collector has the following characteristics: heat absorption plate and channel between the use of ultrasonic welding process connection, heat transfer performance is good; Because of the process of welding and coating the heat-absorbing plate and the flow channel first, the welding process is avoided to damage the surface of the heat-absorbing body, and the heat-absorbing surface is fully utilized. Due to the use of ultra-low flow spray technology, the heat absorption coating is uniform and consistent, ensuring the best performance of the entire heat absorption surface.
    High-performance glass cover high-efficiency heat absorption
    In addition, in the solar collector board structure, Wanhe has taken a series of measures to improve quality and performance, including the use of the overall border design significantly improved the sealing performance and structural stiffness; The high-performance glass cover is used to reduce the reflectivity of the glass surface, while significantly suppressing the heat loss caused by thermal radiation on the heat-absorbing surface. At the same time, in the heat collector's insulation structure, through the use of the overall foaming materials and processes in line with the future environmental requirements, to ensure that the overall thermal efficiency of the collector reached a high level. It is precisely because of the high-tech content of the solar spraying production line of Wan and Flat Panel, making its commissioning and operation process more rigorous, after passing the joint verification of a number of experts at home and abroad, it was able to officially put into production.
    The production line put into operation, together with the original use of blue film (vacuum magnetically controlled sputter coating), anode oxidation film, black chromium film and other heat collector production capacity, million and into the annual production capacity of 1 million square meters flat solar collector enterprises.
    Flat panel collector reliability through the national inspection
    He Tao, deputy director of the National Solar Energy Testing Center (Beijing), on Wanhe's flat solar collector silicon film coating gave a high evaluation, think that the product's impact resistance, bending resistance, moisture resistance, heat resistance, steam resistance, aging resistance and salt spray resistance are excellent performance, production consistency is also very worthy of recognition.
    Previously, a seven-member expert committee composed of Tsinghua University, the National Quality Inspection Center and the Industry Alliance conducted weather-resistant salt spray experiments on the main coating manufacturers of flat-panel solar collectors in accordance with national standards of the countries concerned, and the results showed that the coating products produced by Wanhe's first flat-panel solar thermal coating production line imported from Japan had stood the test.
    According to the Expert Group, it is important to conduct weather-resistant salt spray experiments on flat panel solar collector coatings, as flat panel collectors are very different from vacuum tube collectors and produce many harmful particles during operation due to different priorities. If you get inside the collector, it is not possible to fully seal, which can seriously affect the thermal performance and service life of the core.
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