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    Watch out! Hebei exposed 4 batches of unqualified food, involving white sugar, pickled pork, bread and so on

    • Last Update: 2021-01-21
    • Source: Internet
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      Food Partners Network News October 14, Hebei Province Market Supervision And Administration issued the 26th food safety sampling information in 2019, organized sampling of biscuits, egg products, pastries, grain processing products, meat products, sugar, edible agricultural products, condiments and other 8 categories of 153 batches of samples, sampling and inspection of qualified samples 149 batches, unqualified samples 4 batches.
    non-conforming food, there is a batch of Shijiazhuang City Pingshan County West water slag meat processing plant production of pickled pork (cooked), the total number of bacteria exceeded the standard.
    total number of microbial indicators is an indicative microbial indicator, not a pathogenic bacteria indicator.
    is mainly used to evaluate food cleanliness and reflect whether food meets hygiene requirements in the production process.
    the total number of bacteria exceeded the standard indicates that individual enterprises may not strictly control the production and processing process of sanitary conditions, or packaging container cleaning and disinfection is not in place;
    if the total number of food drops seriously exceeds the standard, it will destroy the nutritional content of food, accelerate the corruption and spoilage of food, and make food lose its edible value.
    also has a batch of Qinhuangdao City Da Kaitai Flavored Food Co. , Ltd. (sub-packed) production of white sugar, color value exceeds the standard.
    color value is one of the quality indicators of sugar, is one of the main basis for the classification of quality sugar, sugar, icing sugar and so on, it mainly affects the appearance of sugar, is a reflection of impurities, but also a reflection of the level of production technology.
    "White Sugar" (GB/T 317-2006) stipulates that the color value of grade 1 white sugar must not be higher than 150 IU.
    the product's color value may be related to the level of production process, sugar transport and storage conditions may also lead to higher color value.
    1 batch of Qinhuangdao City Yongjin Food Co. , Ltd. production of sliced bread, acid prices exceeded the standard.
    acid price mainly reflects the degree of oil acid failure in food.
    Long-term intake of aldehydes and ketones produced by oil and acid defecation will have a certain impact on health, the cause of non-conformity of acid prices may be the procurement of raw materials is not strict, production process is not up to standard, product storage conditions are not proper, especially when the storage temperature is high easily lead to fat oxide acid failure in food.
    acid price exceeds the standard will lead to food has haraz flavor, when the standard is serious, the aldehyde, ketone, acid will destroy fat-soluble vitamins, may lead to gastrointestinal discomfort symptoms.
    addition, there is also a batch of bullfrogs sold by Taipei National Mall Co., Ltd., Ennosha Star (in terms of ennosha star and the total of cyclopharma star) exceeded the standard.
    is a class of synthetic broad-spectrum antimicrobials used to treat skin infections, respiratory infections, etc. in animals.
    The Maximum Residual Limit for Veterinary Medicines in Animal Foods (Ministry of Agriculture Bulletin No. 235) stipulates that Ennosha Star (in the form of Ennosha star and cycloproxacin) may be used in cattle, sheep, pigs, rabbits, poultry and other edible livestock and other animals, and that the maximum residual limit in the muscles and fats of cattle, poultry and other animals is 100 g/kg and is prohibited in egg-producing chickens (not detected in eggs).
    long-term consumption of Enosa star residue super-standard food, has a certain impact on human health.
    The Hebei Provincial Market Supervision Administration said that the non-conforming products found in the above-mentioned sampling have been ordered to the relevant district and city market supervision departments in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations to deal with.
    the public found food safety violations, please call the complaints hotline "12315" to report.
    he heeds this notice.
    Nonconforming product information serial number by sampling unit name by sampling unit address by sampling province identification production enterprise name identification production enterprise address food name specification model production date / batch number trademark nonconforming items ║test results║ standard value classification announcement date inspection agency name note 1 Pingshan County West water slag meat processing plant (ordinary) Partnership) Hebei Shijiazhuang Pingshan County Pingshan Town Lizhuang Village South Hebei Pingshan County West Water Slag Meat Products Processing Plant Qingshan Town Lizhuang Village, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, south pickled pork (cooked) 3000G / altar 2019/5/20 total water slag ditch bacteria || 1.8×10⁵CFU/g;1.6×10⁵CFU/g;1.4×10⁵CFU/g;7.2×10³CFU/g;5.2×10³CFU/g|| n=5,c=2,m=10000, M=10000CFU/g meat products2019.10.14 Shijiazhuang City Food and Drug Inspection Center 2 Qinhuangdao Jiahui Trading Group Co., Ltd. Development Zone First Branch Qinhuangdao City Economic and Technological Development Zone Forest Sports Park in the southern mouth of Hebei Qinhuangdao City Da Kaitai Flavored Food Co., Ltd. (divided) Qinhuangdao City West Wangling Industrial Park No. 18 white sugar 400g / bag 2019/4/10 graphic color value || 167IU|| ≤150IU Sugar 2019.10.14 Qinhuangdao City Food and Drug Inspection Center 3 Qinhuangdao City Yongjin Food Co., Ltd. Qinhuangdao City, Liucun South Station East Side Hebei Qinhuangdao City Yongjin Food Co., Ltd. Qinhuangdao City Port District Liucun South Station East Sliced Bread 350g/bag 2019/6/2/ acid price (in fat) (KOH) || 12.8mg/g|| ≤5mg/g pastry2019.10.14 Qinhuangdao City Food and Drug Inspection Center 4 Taipei State Mall Co., Ltd. 188 Zhongxing West Street, Yantai City Bridge, Hebei / / Bullfrog (raw) bulk weighing 2019/6/2 / Ennosha star (ennosha star and ring propylene star) || 348μg/kg|| ≤100 sg/kg edible agricultural products 2019.10.14 Hebei Guanzhu Testing Technology Co., Ltd. (Source: Hebei Provincial Market Supervision Administration) related reports: Hebei Provincial Market Supervision Administration on the four batches of food non-conformity notice 2019 No. 26 this article edited by the Food Partners Network Food Information Center, for the reference of netizens, welcome to reproduce, reprint please indicate the source! If you have any questions,
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