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    Water-based industrial coatings will become a new direction for the future development of coating enterprises

    • Last Update: 2021-02-28
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    : 2015 will be China's environmental protection industry "golden year." Environmental protection is a war, and a national war. In the last half year, the situation, emission reduction, haze has indeed improved. However, the battle for environmental governance is not just a documentary, it is not just an appeal that the government will do much. In 2015, the government "turned the energy-saving and environmental protection industry into an emerging pillar industry." "In addition, do a good job in environmental tax legislation, to the smugglers to pay a heavy price, to condone the connivance of strict accountability, so that they are subject to due punishment."
    On January 26, 2015, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued the Notice on the Collection of Consumption Tax on
    : In order to promote energy conservation and environmental protection, the State Council approved the collection of consumption tax on coatings from February 1, 2015, in the production, commissioned processing and import links, the applicable tax rate is 4%. At the same time, it is said that the construction state of volatile organic matter (VOC) content of less than 420 g / liter (including) of coatings exempt from consumption tax. The imposition of a consumption tax specifically for the coatings industry has added
    to the
    in the difficult transition. In the future, coating enterprises must bear greater cost pressure, paint enterprises living space further compressed, which will certainly open a new round of paint industry reshuffle curtain. It is expected that in the next few years, while the production of coatings will increase, the industry and product structure will also change significantly. The production and research and development of environment-friendly and resource-saving coatings will become the mainstream of the development of the coating industry, environmental protection, functionalization and long-term efficiency will be the three major trends in the development of coatings, become the key force to drive the future market demand,
    prom industrial coatings
    water-based will become the future development direction of coating enterprises. This is like Hua Leopard
    Coatings Company
    , such as long-term concern about the environmental impact of coatings on human survival, committed to
    water-based coatings
    research and development, production, promotion, application of many years of coating enterprises, is undoubtedly very good news, water-based coatings power point finally arrived, Hua leopard water-based coating advantages will be further highlighted.
    Panther Coatings Company has long been concerned about the harmonious development of enterprises and the environment, is committed to research and development, production, promotion of healthy, safe and environmentally friendly water-based coatings. In 2008, Hua leopard coatings company introduced international advanced technology, research and development to produce green water-based products, and began to vigorously promote water-based coatings products in the industry. Lulu blue wisp, jade in Cheng, in 2014, Hua Leopard water-based industrial coatings successfully won the national invention patent, and through the China Railway Corporation CRCC certification, Hua leopard water-based coatings also began to be widely used in the railway and other industries, with practical action to lead China's paint industry to "oil" process. Hua leopard water-based industrial coating VOC content is only 9g/L, far below the 420g/L requirements of the paint consumption tax, in the process of use does not cause harm to human body, will not cause pollution to the environment.
    The advantages and disadvantages of water-based industrial coatings
    the advantages of water-based industrial coatings
    1, excellent corrosion resistance: when the thickness of the coating reaches 100um, the salt spray resistance index can reach 1000h, compared to solvent-based
    120um thin thickness, can reduce the amount of direct material.
    2, safety and environmental protection: water as a solvent, VOC (volatile organic compounds) content has been reduced to less than 60g/L, Hua leopard water-based industrial coatings company launched in 2014 the second generation of water-based industrial coatings, VOC content is as low as 9g/L, well below the national standard of 250g/L, the occupational health of employees is effectively protected, does not contain any heavy metals, fully meets the requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction, greatly reduces environmental pollution and damage to the health of operators, paint residue is construction waste, no need to be treated in accordance with hazardous waste.
    3, easy to dry fast dry: with good self-drying performance, in the ambient temperature of more than 15 degrees C, no need to bake can be cured into film.
    4, easy to repair: paint film density is high, after encountering mechanical damage, its corrosion range is not easy to spread.
    5, good matching: with good supporting performance, and all solvent-based coatings, but also by all solvent-based coatings cover.
    the shortcomings of water-based industrial coatings
    1, because of the surface strength of water, water-based industrial coatings in the construction process of the material surface cleanliness requirements are high, dirt easy to make the coating film to produce shrink holes. The stability of the strong mechanical shear force is poor, and when the flow rate in the conveyor pipe changes sharply, the dispersed particles are compressed into solid particles, which makes the coating film produce a numbing point. The conveyor pipe is required to be in good shape and the pipe wall is free of defects. Anti-corrosion lining or stainless steel materials are required, and the equipment is highly costly.
    2, baked water-based industrial coatings on the construction environment conditions (temperature, humidity) requirements are more stringent, increasing the temperature control equipment input, but also increased energy consumption. Storage must be within 5-30 degrees C, low will freeze bad, high will thicken. Diluted water-based coatings reduce shelf life.
    , although there are some technical difficulties, but through the formulation and coating process and equipment and other aspects of the continuous improvement of technology, the existence can be prevented and resolved.
    New situation of China's water-based industrial coatings
    Since 2010, the proportion of water-based industrial coatings in the world's industrial coatings has reached more than 30%, began to
    automotive coatings
    at an unprecedented rate, industrial corrosion-resistant coatings, road marking coatings and other fields of penetration. The world's industrial developed countries attach great importance to the development of water-based coatings, the United States of America's development of water-based coatings accounted for more than 50% of its total paint development, water-based industrial coatings accounted for 30% of its total paint results; In recent years, China has also issued a lot of important environmental regulations and implementation standards for the research, development and production of water-based industrial coatings, and the introduction of the paint consumption tax is a direct promotion of the development of water-based coatings throughout the industry.
    At present, China's water-based industrial coatings technology development is still in its infancy, the market is large but relatively backward technology, product development is mostly in the low-end products of water-based alcoholic acid, high-end water-based automotive coatings, water-based
    heavy anti-corrosion coatings
    and other technologies are still in the hands of foreign brands.
    major difficulties in the development of water-based industrial coatings are:
    1. Policy and regulations: coating industry regulations and policies on the concept of environmental protection is still relatively limited, the current implementation of some regulations are far from obsolete. 2. Technological innovation: many small and medium-sized paint production enterprises for the mastery and development of water-based technology there are still some obstacles, the current situation has been gradually improved, more and more domestic enterprises in the production and research and development capacity of water-based coatings has reached a level comparable to foreign enterprises.
    3. Application development: Due to people's inherent concepts, coupled with many enterprises for solvent-based coating construction has reached a very skilled level, many applications for the construction of water-based industrial coatings with a relatively negative attitude, and construction personnel for solvent-based coatings on the human body and the environment of the lack of awareness.
    4. Cost: The cost of water-based industrial coatings is higher than that of traditional coatings, and the unit price is generally higher than that of traditional coatings.
    . Public awareness: the general public's awareness and recognition of aquatic products and technologies is relatively low, and the investment in universal education is limited.
    Water-based industrial coatings are currently in application
    water-based industrial coatings are mainly used in automobiles, railway vehicles, bridge pipelines, steel structures, containers and other fields, the current level of water-based industrial coatings in China compared with industrial developed countries, there is a big gap.
    1, automotive coatings: With the rapid development of the automotive industry, the use of automotive coatings is also growing, since 2008 Shanghai GM launched the first water-based automotive coatings production line in Shanghai, the new production line of domestic automotive coatings are all designed with water-based coatings, water-based coatings have become the mainstream of automotive coatings. Automotive paint mainly includes primer, medium coating, finish paint, which is divided into color paint and metal flash paint. The hydration process of automotive coatings is gradually carried out from the bottom to the surface, as early as the 1960s, Europe, the United States and other developed countries have taken the lead in the use of water-based electrophoresis primers, the current primer has more than 90% of the use of water-based paint, 88% of the automotive coating has also adopted water-based technology, water-based metal flash primer applications more than 65%.
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