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    "Water iodine map" to make iodine supplementation no longer "one size fits all"

    • Last Update: 2020-09-16
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    On May 7,
    , the National Health and Health Commission released the National Survey Report on Iodine Content of Drinking Water. The survey is the first large-scale national survey, covering 31 provinces (regions, cities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, and based on the results of the survey to draw China's "water iodine map." The National Health And Wellness Commission will establish criteria for the division of iodine-deficient and iodine-appropriate areas to provide a basis for scientific and accurate iodine supplementation.
    a long time, China's national iodine supplementation measures have played a significant role in preventing disease. For example, diseases caused by iodine deficiency, such as local goiter and local kertin disease, have had higher morbidity and mortality rates in the past, and have declined rapidly since iodine supplementation was made among the population as a whole. Universal iodine supplementation is also a real need, although the iodine content is not equal in all parts of China, but most of the environment outside iodine deficiency, only in a small number of areas, water and food in the natural content of iodine can reach the level required by the human body. Different water iodine content determines whether residents need to eat iodized salt.
    over time, iodine supplementation for all has also exposed some problems. At present, the salt iodine content standard adopted in China, although the salt iodine concentration is different, but a few categories are difficult to meet the needs of differentiation. And in the market of iodized salt, more extensive approach, a certain area applicable to a certain type of iodized salt, the iodized salt into the local, other content of iodized salt is rarely seen, which may lead to some people over-replenishing iodine. Although China's overall iodine deficiency, but different regions have different iodine content, even in the same area, high iodine, iodine deficiency, iodine-appropriate areas are mixed, human tolerance to iodine there are differences, some diseases are not suitable for iodine supplementation, so the scientific and accuracy of iodine supplementation for the whole population doubt.
    to crack the problem caused by iodine supplementation for all, we must first let people know the iodine content of the location, know whether they need iodine supplementation, suitable for what kind of iodized salt to eat. Against this background, the first release of "water iodine map" is undoubtedly a far-reaching breakthrough. Of course, the follow-up also needs to introduce other supporting policies for the public to provide more comprehensive scientific guidance on iodine supplementation, such as refining the classification of iodized salt content, enriching iodized salt varieties, so that people have more choices;
    Use the "water iodine map" to distinguish between different areas of iodine, with a wealth of iodized salt products to meet diverse needs, with professional knowledge to guide the public, do these, and then give the right to choose to the people, iodine deficiency and iodine consumption of excess this contradiction is expected to be resolved.
    , accurate iodine supplementation, in a certain way, this is also a healthy China, a better life in the subject should be the meaning.
    (Worker's Daily)
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