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    Wear masks, hand hygiene, mobile phone disinfection... These personal protection measures should still be done well.

    • Last Update: 2020-07-12
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    At the 118th press conference held on June 15th in Beijing for the prevention and control of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, Xu Ying, member of the Office of community prevention and control group of theThe Leading Group for the Prevention and Control of the Epidemic, said that Beijing has entered an extraordinary period, and the community of the whole city has rapidly entered the state of wartime for epidemic prevention and controlSo what do personal protection measures do? Can seafood still be eaten? how douse masks?1, in the low and medium risk areas of empty and ventilated places do not need to wear masks, access to dense or closed public places need to wear masks;2, in the outbreak of high-risk areas open and ventilated places recommend the wearing of disposable medical masks, into dense or closed public places wearing medical surgical masks or particulate protective masks,3, suspected symptoms to the hospital, wearing particle sized protective masks or medical surgical masks without breath valves;4, patients with respiratory basic diseases need to useprotection masks,keep hand hygiene?1, wash hands under the flow of hand sanitizer (or soap);2, optional with alcohol-containing quick-drying hand disinfectant or alcohol-based re-matching quick-dryhand disinfectant rub hands;3, can directly wipe hands with 75% ethanol, if no disinfectant can also use effective wipe wet wipe handsDophones need to be disinfected? How to disinfect?mobile phone is a high-frequency contact items, to strengthen its cleaning and disinfection, every time out home, you can turn off the power of the mobile phone, such as the mobile phone completely cooled, take the appropriate amount of 75% of alcohol, or use disinfection wipe wet wipe the surface of the phone, and do a good job of hand hygiene What do cough or sneeze? cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and nose with your elbows or paper towels Paper towels should be thrown in the trash after use After coughing or sneezing, clean your hands with running water as soon as possible or disinfect your hands with a quick-dried hand disinfectant If there is no cleaning hands conditions, not available hands directly touch the mouth, nose, eyes, etc related reading: China CDC expert Wu Zunyou: raw cooked food storage utensils to be separated for seafood can eat the question, China CDC epidemiology chief expert Wu Zunyou June 15 in an interview with the media, if the production of current outbreaks, such as seafood from Guangzhou to Beijing, is safe If it is produced in the epidemic of places, such as Europe and the United States, there is the possibility of contamination, but not that seafood from these places will certainly cause the spread of the virus Wu Zunyou said that there is no definitive evidence that the new coronavirus will be transmitted through digestive , mainly through respiratory tract and contact For food, be sure to handle, raw food storage utensils to be separated Eat as much cooking as possible Cut raw meat and fruits and vegetables to separate the case board Su Yiyu Source: People's Daily
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