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    What about frequent headaches? Check your eyes!

    • Last Update: 2020-10-17
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    Headache is a common clinical symptom, the eyebrow bow, the upper edge of the ear wheel and the outside of the pillow rumble connection above the area of pain is collectively referred to as headache.
    headache has a variety of causes, mainly the following 5 points: 1, primary headache: the most common, including tension headache, migraines, congestive headache.
    2, intracranial factors: vascular lesions (e.g. subcranial hemorrhage, a sudden on-the-cranial haemorrhage, expressed as a severe headache), infection (e.g. encephalitis, meningitis), ocular lesions (tumors, metastatic cancer, etc.), brain trauma.
    3, face, eyes, ears, nose, mouth diseases can cause headaches.
    neck muscle tension, joint problems can also lead to headaches, called neck-source headaches.
    4, systemic diseases: hypertension, anemia, abnormal thyroid function, heat stroke and so on.
    5, toxic and drug poisoning, psychosocial factors can also lead to headache.
    migraine is a recurrent headache, the incidence is high, more common in women, can be one side of the headache, may also be a headache on both sides, often accompanied by nausea, vomiting.
    some patients have frequent headache attacks for more than 10 years.
    there are different treatments for headaches caused by different causes, but most treatments can only relieve headaches and cannot be treated thoroughly from the root causes.
    a considerable number of headache patients using conventional instruments to check the cause, how to do? In recent years, studies have found that the opening of the heart's egg round hole is one of the causes of migraines, and some patients can be treated with surgery to relieve long-term headaches.
    is an egg round hole not closed? The egg round hole is the congenital passage of the left and right atrium, is a life channel necessary for fetal development, through which the blood from the mother's umbilical veins enters the left heart of the fetus and is distributed throughout the body, providing the oxygen and nutrients needed for fetal development.
    child is born, with the first cry, the egg round holes become functionally closed, reaching anatomical closure within a year.
    if the egg round holes of young children over three years of age are still not closed, the ovary holes are not closed.
    study showed that nearly 30 percent of people are likely to have a lifetime of non-closed egg holes, and that the risk of such non-closing decreases with age.
    are found in young people, especially those under the age of 30.
    Simply put, the "careful eye" in the heart connects our left and right astromes, and the metabolites of the microsupplies or vein systems in the body go directly through this "careful eye" into the body circulation, triggering the following adverse reactions (like a small hole between the originally unconnected upper and lower sewers:(1) migraines; Unexplained stroke; (3) fainting; (4) diving decompression disease; (5) embolism: unstable thrombosis shedding leads to complications of embolism in other areas, common intestinal membrane vascular embolism, causing intestinal colic, limb vascular embolism leading to cold skin, numbness.
    if the adult egg round hole is not closed patients do not have any symptoms, can temporarily do not carry out any treatment, regular outpatient follow-up can be.
    if the patient usually has a history of venous thrombosis or similar fainting attacks, it is best to take effective measures early for treatment.
    treatment includes medication and surgical treatment.
    drug treatment includes antiplate plate plate and anticoagulant therapy, mainly for patients with the first ischemic stroke attack, and no risk factors for cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, smoking, etc.
    surgery treatment is mainly divided into two types: First, the perforated catheterized egg round hole is not closed.
    is to close the egg round holes in time to reduce the risk of complications, is currently the main treatment.
    If there are unexplained cerebral infarction, transient cerebral ischemic episodes and other complications and have a greater impact on heart function, the use of medication is still recurrent, there is a clear deep vein thrombosis, from lying down to stand up when breathing difficulties, stubborn or chronic migraines and other symptoms, to use blocking treatment in a timely manner.
    the operation is an interventional surgery, short surgery time, high safety, fewer complications, rapid recovery after surgery, high blocking.
    is to repair the unopassed egg round holes by thoracic surgery.
    is also to close the egg round holes in a timely manner, reducing the risk of complications.
    patients who have been treated with an unsealed ovary hole in the catheter can also be treated with this surgery.
    but the surgery is risky, trauma is large, easy to cause heartbeat disorders, atrial fluid and other complications, the operation has been replaced by the heart catheterized egg round hole is not closed.
    can we find our "eyes carefully"? The importance of foaming test want to look at "careful eyes" at first, TCD foaming test is the key.
    TCD (Transcranial Doppler) foaming test, refers to the patient rest and standard Valsalva action, the use of injection hand vibration physiological saline as an enhancer, can detect the right-to-left heart and pulmonary venous stetrain diversion.
    it does not directly examine the heart, but by monitoring micro-bubble hydrants in the blood vessels of the brain to detect abnormal path paths in the heart.
    to do foaming test, the patient does not need an empty stomach, just set up an intravenous path at the elbow, in accordance with the doctor's instructions, with the doctor to complete the examination.
    TCD foaming test adaptation: stroke, TIA, asymptomatic cerebral infarction patients, and no obvious cervical artery disease, no easily formed embolism arrhythmic; migraines especially with pre-eclamptic migraines; decompression patients; divers or astronauts pre-service check-up.
    : patients who are unable to have a window visit and who are unable to have intravenously mixed physiological saline.
    the basic principle of the diagnosis of the unsoolaged ovary hole through the TCD foaming test: the tiny gas hydrant is injected from the elbow intravenously, and the intracranial thrombosis is detected with TCD.
    will appear as follows: 1, if there is no direct path of pulmonary circulation to the body circulation, then TCD will not detect the gas hydrant within 10 seconds, 10 seconds later may appear not absorbed by the pulmonary circulation of a small amount of gas hydrant.
    Of these, 10 seconds is currently considered the baseline of the time between the elbow vein and the intracranial circulation of the hydrant, if the extension of this time limit can increase sensitivity but reduce specificity, the test shows that the general embolism from the elbow vein to the cerebrovascular time is only 3-5 seconds, so the 10 seconds bottom line should be sufficient to detect the possible gas thrombosis.
    2, if the above path, within 10 seconds will appear in the cranial brain circulation hydrant, through the TCD bolt detection should be seen.
    3, due to the pressure in the Valsalva action, the right room pressure increased, the un closed egg round hole can expand to the maximum, for the conventional test negative patients can make the patient to do the Valsalva action, such a test can improve the positive rate.
    that after the injection of the gas hydrant, the rapid line of Valsalva action than after the injection of the gas hydrant detection method is more sensitive.
    4, it is generally believed that the more hydrants appear in the detection of TCD, the larger the un closed egg round holes.
    TCD foaming test has high sensitivity, high specificity, non-invasive, and simple operation, is currently the most simple and effective method to find the egg round hole is not closed.
    can be simple and effective for you to solve headache problems.
    if you have frequent headaches, foaming tests may help you find the culprits of headaches! Neurology Source: Xi'an Diastowe University Copyright Notice: All text, images and audio and video materials that indicate "Source: Mets Medicine" or "Source: MedSci Originals" on this website belong to Metz Medical, and are not authorized to reproduce any media, website or individual, and shall be reproduced with the words "Source: Mets Medicine".
    all reprinted articles on this website are for the purpose of transmitting more information and clearly indicate the source and author, and media or individuals who do not wish to be reproduced may contact us and we will delete them immediately.
    at the same time reproduced content does not represent the position of this site.
    leave a message here.
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