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    What are the advantages of micro-brewing equipment? Features, use considerations and shopping points

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    With the improvement of living standards, more and more people love to drink, of course, want to buy wine in the market is very easy, but many people prefer to make their own wine, their own wine, perhaps more in line with their own appetite, perhaps in today's chaotic society of interest, a fad, may also be on As a child, the older generation manual winemaking memories, so now the micro-brewing equipment gradually into thousands of households, then today the small editor will talk about some knowledge about micro-brewing equipment, including:span style "color: #E53333; What are the advantages ofmicro-brewing equipment?(a), equipment1, the useof steam heating, never paste pot; 3, with the wine adjustable pot cover, can adjust the wine degree at any time4, equipped with ceramic balls, with the function of filtration, clarification, chenming5, when steaming wine repeatedly heated, shorten the distillation time6, sealing, cooling good, to prevent alcohol steam leakage, reduce the temperature so that wine is not easy to volatilize, to ensure yield7, the use of 1.6 mirror imported 8K304 stainless steel material, high temperature, acid and alkali resistance, normal service life of 8-10 years(II) and production20%-40% higher than traditional(iii), process1, simple operation;2, save time, save effort: when fermentation food does not need to be steamed, cool, according to a certain proportion of direct fermentation can beOnce fermented, it can be distilled directly, while saving fuel costs(four), the function of the machine (bottled wine technology) anti-turbidity, in addition to miscellaneous taste, promote old cooked, dewatering, multi-energy, expensive in the effect, a filter will become Improve the quality of wine and win the market (v), technical professional winery high-grade wine formula, teachers to prove on-the-job teaching, string steaming technology, hook technology can do a variety of taste to meet the needs of taste throughout the country and bottled wine quality (diversified operations to occupy more market share) (six), accessories using wine waste to produce efficient feed, cost about 0.4 yuan / catty (100 pounds of grain can be produced more than 300 pounds of feed, can be used for 20-30 pigs to eat), but also the use of fermentation liquid (wine waste water) (100 catties of grain can get 200 catties of fermentation liquid, can be produced the following products: soy sauce, vinegar, frozen fruit, drink, butter, yellow milk, yellow wine, wine, etc the costs of the auxiliary materials are as follows: 1, soy sauce: 0.3-0.5 yuan / catty (can be on-site comparison market price of 5 yuan / bottle of soy sauce ); Yuan/bottle vinegar); 3, yellow wine (laurel Chen wine): 0.2-0.3 yuan/jin; 4, drink: 0.2-0.4 yuan/jin (can compare the market price of 10 yuan/bottle of beverage); 5, Jelly: 1 yuan / catty (can compare the market price of 8-10 yuan / catty jelly); 6, pearl milk tea: 0.5-0.6 yuan / catty (comparable market price 3-5 yuan / cup of milk tea); 7, Red wine: 0.5-0.6 yuan / catty (can be compared to the market price of 50 yuan / bottle of red wine); 8, fruit vinegar: 0.5-0.6 yuan / catty (can be compared to the market price of 5-10 yuan / catty of fruit vinegar) the characteristics of the micro-brewing equipment 1 Increased cooling area; 2 The volume coefficient of wine gas increases, the retention time is longer, the air pressure in the cooking pot decreases and the temperature decreases ; The equipment is well sealed and has strong heat dissipation capacity, and 4 With a pressure gauge, thermometer, easy to measure temperature control pressure the use of micro-brewing equipment precautions 1, stove (with stove is not needed); 2, check whether the grain is fully fermented; 3, cleaning equipment: steam two pots of water before steaming wine; 4, siphon ChenBao take out the general spare (you can also rinse the other half clean into the wine storage jar, play a role in the extraction of the 5, link (Students at home equipment installation schematics); 6, equipment three links each add two-thirds of the water seal Note to add sealed water halfway If added cold water is slowly injected; 7, check whether there is pot water (pan bottom water plus half or two-thirds of the water) pay attention to the overnight pot bottom water even if replaced; 8, cool the underwater into and out, keep clean (circulating water remains below 40 degrees) Best, play the role of cooling); 9, the tube with hot hose, the length of no more than one meter; 10, when the bottom of the pot water to fine water long flow, from the upper end of the cooler small valve into the bottom of the pot water and the bottom of the volatile water is positive the purchase of micro-brewing equipment 1, the traditional wine-making equipment after years of development, material use has been a great development and change, from cement ponds and dish containers to pottery pots, to the 1970s after the aluminum containers and late 80's stainless steel containers, to safe food grade stainless steel thin-walled containers Especially in liquor manufacturing equipment, wine-making equipment has been widely used in stainless steel thin-walled containers 2, because a large number of stainless steel thin-walled containers using high-quality cold-rolled stainless steel plate, in the structural design on the strengthening and optimization, so can greatly save the use of container tank stainless steel, save manufacturing costs, to 100 m3 wine cans for example, the use of stainless steel thin-walled container costs only 2/3 of the traditional stainless steel container, the manufacturing process using coils Plate into a round production process, to minimize welds, each barrel body only one vertical weld, the use of argon protection welding process, optimize the process, reduce the manufacturing cycle, thus reducing labor costs, to ensure the quality of the container production process and production cycle, therefore, for the scale expansion of liquor enterprises to provide a feasible way to optimize savings 3, thin-walled stainless steel containers in the design of the widespread introduction of food hygiene-grade concepts and design concepts, manufacturing process, so the production of stainless steel containers beautiful appearance, less welds and clean and beautiful treatment, all interface sleek transition, the interior does not leave a dead corner, easy to clean, to meet the needs of the white wine enterprises civilized production clean, but also in line with the world's food products production process equipment standards, for China's liquor to the world to provide a process equipment 4, in the design and manufacture highlighted the safety and reliability of containers, the introduction of steel welding container design of the strength design software and methods, manufacturing of key welds and interfaces for prospecting or ray detection, in the human hole and fire safety breathing valve and other accessories on a large number of petrochemical container mature technology, so that can fully meet the needs of hazardous chemical packaging, container production 5, compared to ceramic pots, stainless steel thin-walled container cost is cheaper, in addition to the basic does not contain K, Cu plasma, resulting in the storage of new wine old cooked slower this shortcoming, the advantage is that its volume can be large to thousands of tons, small to a few tons, do not produce alcohol loss, safe and reliable, indoor open storage can be, large-scale modulation of the same quality wine, to ensure the quality of the same batch of wine has a great advantage Compared with aluminum cans, stainless steel thin-walled containers have the advantages of large volume, in terms of quality, cost-effective has a great advantage 6, from the ton of wine unit cost calculation, the cost of using aluminum cans more than several times more than stainless steel thin-walled containers Compared with the traditional stainless steel container, stainless steel thin-walled container in addition to the cost of low 1/3, but also because stainless steel thin-walled containers pay attention to food-grade design and manufacturing, in the safety equivalent at the same time, in the production process, can effectively solve the problem of cleaning difficulties, to the production of storage management brought great improvement, reduce production costs, ensure the quality of wine, but also reduce cleaning costs, save management costs above is a small editor to explain the span style "color: #E53333;" the advantages of the micro-brewing equipment, characteristics, use of notes and shopping points Traditional hand-crafted wineing manpower and material consumption is large, wine rate is slightly lower, and micro-brewing equipment brewing process is simple, time-saving, wine rate is slightly higher, want to brew good wine, not only need a good brewing method, but also need good brewing equipment
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