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    What are the benefits of drinking yogurt to supplement probiotics?

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    In the past National Day Golden Week have you not eaten sea plug to the stomach rising undigested? This time you won't because you think of advertising that a yogurt contains intestinal health experts - probiotics, but also give up hundreds of milliliters of yogurt, want to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, speed up food digestion?in recent years, the market for all kinds of supplementary probioticfood food and health care products are emerging, the most common is yogurt, some of the active claims to add more than a billion probiotics yogurt will claim to have detox, beauty, intestinal, weight loss, enhance immunity, and even inhibit the body aging and other effectsSo, what exactly is probiotics? Is probiotic yogurt really so magical?does enhance intestinal resistance to prevent diarrhea caused by microflora disordersmore than 100 years ago, Russian immunologist Megonikov noted that Bulgarian farmers live healthier and longer livesHe attributes this to the live bacteria found in the fermented milk they eat, and the concept of probiotics is bornthe term probiotics are not specifically a particular bacterium, but rather a general term for living microorganisms that play a beneficial role for the host by improving the balance of the host intestinal florahealthy people have three kinds of bacteria in the intestines: beneficial bacteria (probiotics), harmful bacteria and conditional pathogenic bacteria, these bacteria exist in a certain proportion, through a variety of ways to inhibit the over-reproduction of pathogenic bacteria, adjust the human defense mechanism to combat invasive pathogens"Probiotics have a positive effect on maintaining the balance of the flora and preventing diarrhea caused by the dissonance of the floraDrYang Xiaoqiang, a digestive physician at Guangzhou General Hospital in Guangzhou, Guangzhou, who specializes in microbiology research, believes that from the point of view of preventing intestinal diseases, the right amount of supplementary probiotics can indeed resist the occurrence of this part of the disease and enhance intestinal resistanceBut he also stressed that probiotics need to be selected according to the number of active strains and the size of the intestines of different ages, because the number of probiotics required for different age groups is differentindustry experts believe that with age, middle-aged and old people in the intestines less beneficial bacteria, drinking some probiotic yogurt can make up for the shortageChildren should not drink too much, because they are in the process of development, do not need too much "external forces"If you drink too much, it can have an adverse effect on its delicate stomachin addition, Yang Xiaoqiang pointed out that supplementary probiotics change only the micro-ecological intestines, there is no research showthat probiotics can affect the body's immune system, strengthen immunityprobiotics only "live" probiotics How many can live into the large intestine is not yet known yogurt is milk fermentation General yogurt is fermented by two specific lactic acid bacteria: Bulgarian Lactobacillus and heat-obsessed streptococcus Both bacteria are also commonly treated as probiotics U.S Purdue University biology and food engineering doctor al-Yun heartlessly pointed out that although in the marketing of yogurt, merchants will usually give probiotics a rich color, but in fact there is no need to take it as a reason to eat yogurt, because the probiotics in the end can play a role, mainly rely on "speculation", the real clinical evidence is not so rich China dairy expert Wang Dingmian stressed that yogurt or lactic acid drinks containing probiotics, its health care function is mainly "live" probiotics It is undeniable that yogurt is often produced when it comes with a large number of live bacteria, but after packaging, factory, transportation, shelf, sales and a series of processes, yogurt contains active probiotics will be due to the preservation of temperature changes and death Therefore, how many of these active bacteria can survive into the large intestine and settle down after drinking them And probiotics are not useful to eat one or two, from the study, only the number of 107 or even more than, in order to play a sufficient role in health care , Fan Zhihong, an associate professor at the School of Food Safety and Nutrition Sciences of China Agricultural University, pointed out that, since China has not yet had the corresponding regulations to make a hard requirement for any kind of probiotic live bacteria in yogurt products, and there is no complete system for monitoring, some yogurt brand packaging although marked "high-tech probiotic group", but whether or not to add, add how much, are manufacturers self-talk, even in the probiotics of the phenomenon of fermentation probiotics are not much beneficial abuse or lead to dependence or breeding of superbugs although in theory, probiotics have no side effects on human health, appropriate supplementation can improve the intestinal environment But Fan Zhihong points out that it is not omnipotted, neither a health drug nor a supplement, and blind abuse may even have a negative impact on health generally speaking, probiotic oral preparations are limited to clinical treatment of intestinal failure or disorder patients, oral probiotic products can make the human intestine in a short period of time to obtain beneficial bacteria, but long-term use will pose a potential hazard to the human body Because the long-term use of synthetic probiotic products, will promote intestinal function gradually lose their ability to reproduce beneficial bacteria, over time the human intestine will produce dependence, medically known as "probiotic dependence." And once suffering from "probiotic dependence", people will rely on and use synthetic oral probiotic products for life to maintain a healthy state of life , some medical experts have specifically suggested that the overuse of probiotics could become a new breeding ground for "superbugs" Because many lactic acid bacteria have multiple resistance to antibiotics, through the common life and contact with pathogens, it is likely to carry their own drug-resistant genes to the pathogen, so that they obtain resistance to become "superbugs", resulting in infection may be drug-free Other possible side effects include affecting the metabolic function of sugars and fats, as well as immune dysfunction so both nutrition experts and medical experts agree that if you have a proper diet that can get the nutrients you need from a normal diet and have a good lifestyle, you don't need to supplement your probiotics If you really need to supplement probiotics, should also be under the guidance of a physician or dietitian to take, must not be blindly abused, so as not to suffer endlessly later probiotics in yogurt can be effective in alleviating lupus recently, researchers from Virginia Tech revealed how a class of probiotics found in yogurt can alleviate the severity of lupus patients Xin Luo, an assistant professor in the Department of Biomedical Sciences and Pathology, and others have studied the mechanisms of the bacteria's role in autoimmune diseases such as lupus, based on previous advances in lactic acid bacteria "In our 2014 article, we found a significant drop in lactobacillus levels in mice with lupus, so we suspect that by increasing the proportion of these bacteria, we may be able to alleviate the disease." Lupus is a class that can cause chronic fatigue, joint pain, rash, fever, kidney failure and even death About 3 million people in the United States are affected by lupus The study, by Luo et al., focused on the inflammatory response of the kidneys caused by lupus According to a study, the inflammatory reaction of the kidneys caused by lupus occurs within five years of the onset of lupus symptoms, and 40 percent of patients develop kidney inflammation " In addition, we found that by increasing the amount of Lactobacillus in the diet, we were able to have an effect on the condition of female mice, while male mice had no significant effect We think testosterone inhibits the role of probiotics This was not previously found by the institute." Although the study was limited to lupus mice with an inflammatory kidney response, more research was needed to confirm whether Lactobacillus had a similar effect in human patients But Luo et al think that adding lactic acid bacteria to the diet is beneficial and harmless
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