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    What are the factors that affect the results of a flame photometer analysis?

    • Last Update: 2022-05-01
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      What are the factors that affect the results of a flame photometer analysis? Influencing factors 1: 1.
    Excitation conditions: 1) Flame temperature: if the temperature is too low, the sensitivity will decrease, and if the temperature is too high, the ionization of alkali metals will be serious, which will affect the linear relationship of the measurement


       Factors affecting the flame temperature: - Type of gas: it is more appropriate and convenient to use a low temperature flame (about 1900°C) such as propane-air, butane-air or liquefied petroleum gas-air - ratio of fuel gas and auxiliary gas: keep proper - sample solution Suction volume: if it is too large, the flame temperature will drop.
    2) Gas pressure: The gas pressure should be kept constant during measurement


       3) Sprayer: If the sprayer is not clean, it is easy to cause poor atomization of the test solution.
    During the measurement, the test solution is required to be clear, and the sprayer should be cleaned with water or ethanol at any time


       4) Liquid level: the change of liquid level will cause the element concentration after excitation to change, and the test height should be kept the same when measuring

       Flame Photometer Analysis - Influencing Factors 2 2.
    Specimen and composition of samples 1) The ionization and self-absorption of elements can cause the calibration curve to bend and the linear range to narrow


    For example, the self-absorption of potassium is serious at high concentration, which makes the calibration curve bend in the direction of the abscissa; at low concentration, due to the increase in ionization and radiation, the calibration curve bends in the direction of the ordinate

       2) The coexistence of ions in the sample has an influence on the determination.
    For example, when the alkali metals coexist, the spectral line is enhanced, which makes the result on the high side


       3) The physical properties of the sample should be consistent with the composition of the standard solution.
    Flame photometric analysis - influencing factors 3 3.
    Quality of flame photometer 1) Selectivity of monochromator: the filter quality is good, which can reduce the interference of coexisting substances


       2) The influence of the surrounding environment on the instrument

       3) Photocells are used for a long time to cause fatigue

       It can be known from the article that there are three factors that affect the analysis results of the flame photometer, one is the excitation condition, the other is the type and composition of the sample, and the third is the quality of the flame photometer.
    You should try to avoid these factors in the operation process, so as not to affect the accuracy of results


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