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    What are the matters needing attention in the filling and production of nucleic acid detection reagents?

    • Last Update: 2022-06-17
    • Source: Internet
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    (1) Thoroughly clean before operation, wipe off oil or dirt with a non-woven soft cloth and cleaning agent, and then dry it with a non-woven soft cloth


    According to GMP requirements, check whether the contact parts of the equipment and materials meet the corresponding cleanliness requirements, if not, re-clean and dry

     (2) Before operation, use the crank handle to turn the machine clockwise to check whether the machine is flexible and whether the action coordination is correct

    (3) Before operation, add new lubricating oil to each lubricating point.
    (4) Add bottle caps to the oscillator, start the oscillation switch and adjust the speed so that the bottle caps stay at the lower cap and wait


    (5) Add the bottle into the bottle bucket, be careful not to overturn it

    (6) Press the plunger pump by hand to pump the liquid to the needle position

     (7) Turn on the machine after preparation, and adjust the filling volume to meet the qualified requirements

    (8) Determine the filling speed and change the position of the belt pulley according to the adjustment results of the material viscosity and filling amount

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