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    What are the precautions for long-term storage of purified water equipment?

    • Last Update: 2022-06-12
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    If the storage period of the purified water equipment exceeds 30 days, of course, we can also take out the membrane element and store it with a separate protective agent.
    If it is still installed in the pressure vessel, we need to pay attention to the following storage steps: 1) First, carry out the system Chemical cleaning, the purpose of chemical cleaning is to remove pollutants to the maximum extent, so as to facilitate the long-term storage of the system, and the cleaning steps will not be discussed in detail; 2) Sterilize the system: configure a sterilizer with the water produced by the system, and continuously circulate and rinse in the system The system can kill microorganisms, algae and viruses; 3) When the bactericide in the system is full, turn off the water inlet and water pump to confirm that the system is completely full, so as to prevent pollutants from taking advantage of the situation and effectively prevent the system from entering.
    4) If the temperature is below 27 degrees Celsius, we need to use the newly configured fungicide to repeat steps 2) and 3) every 30 days; if the temperature is higher than 27 degrees Celsius, we need to replace it every 15 days Steps 2) and 3) of the disinfectant are repeated; 5) Before the system is re-run, we need to flush at low pressure for 1 hour, and then flush at high pressure for about 10 minutes.
    Note that no matter when flushing is high or low, we must ensure that the waste water discharge valve is fully open.
    After the system is put into operation , it is necessary to check that the produced water side does not contain any bactericide and protective liquid


       The above are the precautions for long-term storage of purified water equipment introduced by Xiaobian

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