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    What are the requirements for painting equipment for oil-to-water conversion?

    • Last Update: 2021-07-28
    • Source: Internet
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    In compliance with increasingly stringent environmental regulations, water-based paint coating technology that can reduce VOC emissions has been rapidly developed
    With the continuous in-depth research on water-based paint technology, the construction window of water-based paint has been continuously widened, and the construction difficulty has been reduced.
    At the same time, the film quality of water-based paint can be comparable to that of solvent-based paint.
    These factors all promote the performance of water-based paint in painting.
    The application is becoming more and more extensive

    At the same time, according to the characteristics of water-based paint, the design and equipment of the water-based paint coating line have taken corresponding measures.
    When the water-based coating line is newly planned or the existing coating line is modified, some equipment needs to be adjusted as necessary.
    To meet the requirements of water-based paint,
    paint online coatingol.


    Spraying room The spraying room is the main space for spraying operations.
    The large amount of pure water and a small amount of additives contained in the water-based paint mist will directly corrode the internal structural parts of the spraying room

    Therefore, the wall panels of the spray booth are required to be made of stainless steel, and the paint mist trapping devices (such as venturi structure, waste paint treatment circulating water pipelines, etc.
    ) in the lower part of the spray booth are also required to be made of stainless steel


    The Comprehensive Emission Standard of Air Pollutants for the Exhaust System (GB 16297-1996) stipulates the emission rate and volume of VOC

    The discharge rate of xylene in the solvent paint spraying system directly determines the height of the exhaust cylinder

    After using water-based paint, the content of toluene and xylene in the organic waste gas is almost zero, but the content of non-methane total hydrocarbons increases, and the height of the exhaust cylinder only needs to meet the emission rate requirements of non-methane total hydrocarbons

    In this way, the height of the exhaust cylinder can be reduced, the civil construction cost is reduced, and the air pressure of the exhaust fan is reduced, and the operating cost is also reduced


    Air supply and exhaust system In terms of air supply and exhaust, when solvent paint is sprayed, the exhaust air is not suitable to be reused because of the high solvent content in the exhaust air

    After changing to water-based paint, the solvent content in the exhaust air is greatly reduced, and the exhaust air can basically be used for air circulation after treatment

    Therefore, after the spray booth adopts water-based paint, the number of coating lines using circulating air conditioners is increasing.
    Part of the exhaust air from the spray booth is mixed with fresh air and sent to the spray booth, which can save the energy consumption of the air conditioning equipment

    Compared with the structure of traditional air-conditioning equipment in the past, the circulating air air conditioner adds a mixed air section, and the return air volume can be automatically controlled through a damper

    Since a filter is added inside the circulating air conditioner to filter the paint mist in the exhaust air, the length of the circulating air conditioner is longer than that of the traditional air conditioner

    After adding a section of filtration, it is necessary to increase the total pressure of the corresponding fan to overcome the increased resistance

    There are more harmful components in circulating air conditioners than fresh air, so circulating air is generally used for automatic spraying

    At present, circulating air conditioners generally supply air for the automatic section, while the manual section is mostly for fresh air


    The water-based paint of the paint delivery system should be stored at 5~30℃, and the paint mixing room needs to have constant temperature and humidity conditions to prevent the paint from freezing or overheating and to ensure the stability of the paint

    The application viscosity of water-based paint is higher than that of solvent-based paint, and the required paint supply pressure is also higher

    The diaphragm regulator suitable for water-based paint systems adopts a high-pressure, high-flow straight-through design.
    The diaphragm regulator should be easy to clean, but its price is about 2 times higher than the diaphragm regulator for solvent-based paint

    The traditional water-jacketed temperature control system is difficult to meet the requirements of water-based paint for temperature control accuracy, and the pipe-in-pipe temperature control system should be used instead

    Since water-based paints are only stable within a certain pH range, water-based paints increase the requirements for pH control, and pH monitoring equipment needs to be added

    The alkaline characteristics of the water-based paint make the pipes and other parts that are in direct contact with the paint to be made of 304L or 316 stainless steel, and the surface must be passivated

    With the full use of water-based paint and the continuous progress of its research and development technology, the construction window of water-based paint will be expanded and the construction process will become more mature.
    The utilization rate and qualification rate of paint will continue to increase, operating costs, and "three wastes" emissions.
    The amount, processing cost, and energy consumption will continue to decrease, and the application of water-based paint will be more extensive in the future


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