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    What aspects are the importance of high and low temperature impact test chambers to products?

    • Last Update: 2022-09-09
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    With the rapid development of modern industry, the high and low temperature impact test chamber occupies a very important position in all walks of life, so what aspects are the importance of this test equipment to the product? Liu Qin Technology believes that the following aspects can be clearly understood

    The high and low temperature impact test chamber is a kind of special test chamber which is specially used to test the degree that the product can endure under the continuous environment of ji gao temperature and extremely low temperature in an instant, so as to detect the chemical resistance of the sample caused by thermal expansion and contraction in the shortest time.
    Test equipment for changes or physical damage

    The impact of different temperature sections is cut off correspondingly by the multi-stage evaporator structure, and the evaporation area is controlled to match the cooling capacity expansion valve.
    The output of the refrigeration system is used to reasonably reduce the output of the heater neutralization to achieve constant energy saving; there is an independent ventilation.
    The valve operates to introduce ambient air during exhaust (normal temperature recovery)

    The air inlet sucks in the outside air when the ambient temperature is exposed

    The exhaust port discharges the hot air from the mechanical room and the test area to the scheduled function

    Preset the test start time, the test box will automatically start and prepare to start the test

    Exposure time shortening function

    The function of switching to the next exposure after the downwind temperature of the test area reaches the exposure temperature

    Pre-processing/post-processing functions

    Before or after the cycle test, the sample is exposed to a high temperature environment (heat treatment) for a certain period of time

    Dry running function

    Run the test piece for a certain period of time

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