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    What brand of protein powder is good?

    • Last Update: 2021-06-28
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    What brand of protein powder is good? The protein quality is the key!

    Author: meilin
    in: Health Encyclopedia

    Protein powder is a kind of dietary supplement that many white-collar workers, middle-aged and elderly people at work now consume.
    People who have eaten it already know the benefits of protein powder, but for those who are still waiting, they don’t know protein.
    What brand of powder is good is one of the major reasons hindering their purchase


    In fact, for protein powders, dietary supplements, the brand's influence is only part of it.
    The more critical question is whether the quality of protein in the protein powder is high enough

    So, how to judge the quality of protein in protein powder?


    Generally speaking, a powder with a protein content of more than 30% can be called a protein powder
    However, the protein powder with 30% protein content is obviously not high in quality.
    The protein content in most protein powders is about 50%, while the protein content of high-quality protein powder can reach more than 80%


    Types of amino acids

    Protein powder supplements the human body with protein, so the types of amino acids in it need to be carefully watched
    There are three main types of protein powders on the market: soy protein powder, whey protein powder and protein powder with animal and plant double protein formula

    The types and characteristics of amino acids in each protein powder are different


    Soy protein powder
    : Soy protein is commonly used in vegetable protein powder.
    The amino acid content in soy protein is similar to animal protein and does not contain cholesterol

    However, the content of methionine in soy protein is slightly lower, which is an essential amino acid for the human body.
    If you consume soy protein powder to supplement protein, you also need to obtain methionine from other foods

    In addition, soy protein lacks methionine


    Whey protein powder
    : Whey protein powder belongs to animal protein
    Whey protein is a protein extracted from milk.
    It has extremely high nutritional value.
    It not only contains 9 essential amino acids for the human body, but also has a reasonable ratio.
    It is closer to the human body's requirement ratio and is rich in cysteine ​​and methionine

    However, the disadvantage of whey protein powder is that it is expensive, and some families will be burdened by long-term consumption


    Protein powder of animal and plant double protein formula
    : If the protein powder adopts the animal and plant double protein formula, after scientific proportioning, it can give full play to the superimposed advantages of the two proteins
    The ratio of amino acids is more reasonable, and it can also contain 9 kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body

    This protein powder is moderately priced, good in quality and inexpensive


    Absorption and digestibility

    The absorption and digestibility of protein is also a major factor in determining protein quality
    The higher the absorption and digestibility, the more protein the body can take in, and the better the natural effect


    Although the protein quality is the key to the question of which brand of protein powder is good, the strength of the brand also has a certain impact on the quality of the protein powder
    The brand is strong, with more advanced technology and stricter control of the product, so the quality of protein powder is naturally higher

    Here we recommend BY-HEALTH protein powder


    BY-HEALTH is a well-known brand of dietary supplements, has advanced R&D and production technology, and also has a "transparent factory", consumers are more assured
    By-health protein powder can be regarded as a high-quality protein powder in terms of protein content, amino acid type, absorption and digestibility

    Among them, the protein content reaches 80%, contains 9 kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body, and the absorption and digestion rate reaches more than 90%

    In addition, the fat content of BY-HEALTH protein powder is only 3.
    32%, and the middle-aged and elderly people and people who are thin can also eat it with confidence


    If you still don’t know what brand of protein powder is good, remember to be optimistic about the quality of the protein, you might as well try BY-HEALTH protein powder!

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