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    What does the "plant doctor" talk about in a meeting? It's about safety on the tip of your tongue

    • Last Update: 2021-03-01
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    , Xinhua News Agency, Guiyang, October 25 (Reporter Qi Jian Cui Xiaoqiang Wu Si) "Rice paddies to wear non-woven 'masks'" "the grasslands that ravaged Africa and Southeast Asia can be intercepted by air spotlights" ... From October 24th to 25th, four Chinese Academy of Engineering
    and thousands of plant protection science and technology workers from all over the country gathered in Guiyang for the 2019 annual meeting of the Chinese Society for plant protection to see what they had been talking about.
    "Plant protection scientists are 'plant doctors', " he says. Chen Wanquan, president of the China Plant Protection Society, said protecting crops from pests and rats is a matter of food security, food safety and ecological safety.
    protection of plants is to ensure food security. Zhou Xueping, director of the China Agricultural
    Plant Protection Research Institute, said that a good new crop variety will increase production by about 3%, but if crops encounter diseases or pest outbreaks are likely to lose more than 10%, so without a good plant protection mechanism, China's grain production is not guaranteed.
    " rice will suffer from a striped leaf disease, is caused by insect-borne viruses, once the basic harvest. Zhou Xueping said, "Plant doctors" figured out its transmission mechanism, in the rice paddies with nonwovens covered rice fields, insects can not fly in, rice is safe.
    Luo Xiwen,
    professor at the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a professor at South China Agricultural University, said that in the past, artificial pesticides were not easily overdoseed. Now with navigation function of aircraft, drones and high-gap wide-range spray aircraft under the guidance of data to achieve efficient delivery of reasonable spraying, with the least amount of medicine, you can achieve the best prevention and control results.
    years, pesticides are developing in the direction of reducing quantity and reducing harm. Song Bao'an, president of Guizhou University and
    of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that with the development of technology such as plant immuno-induced resistance, the use of pesticides has been greatly reduced, and the production of high-efficiency and low-risk small molecule pesticides and pesticide cleaners has become an innovative direction.
    "pests eat vegetables, mantis in the back." "Plant doctors" also make food safer by cultivating biological control methods such as insect control and microbial disease prevention.
    Zhu Youyong,
    China Academy of Engineering and chairman of Yunnan Science and Technology Association, said that many poor mountainous areas in China have good ecological environment, less human intervention, less use of pesticides and fertilizers, in these areas with green biological prevention and control technology can not fight pesticides, can be less or even do not use fertilizer, the production of high quality agricultural products, but also to help farmers out of poverty.
    can an alien species walk side by side? In the eyes of "plant doctors", it is because they often lack natural enemies when they reach the "new environment".
    the grass is a kind of flying pest, this insect is still raging in Africa, Southeast Asia, our country's science and technology workers began to pay attention to it.
    According to Wu Kongming,
    of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Viceof China's Agriculture, in December 2018, the grass-green nightinger flew into China from Myanmar, as China has initially established a major harm Insect relocation outbreak monitoring and aerial intercepting system, pest relocation, scientific research personnel through the radar system monitoring, radar command air spotlights and other accurate intercept, forming a source to reduce the number of pest take-off, effective aerial interception, back-end green control effective mode.
    "We all know that insects are lighting up, but the grassy nightingual dragonflies are not sensitive to the general light, only to bright light, so high-powered air spotlights have become an effective means of interception. Wu Kongming said.
    in short, it is with thousands of "plant doctors" who are busy with farmers in the fields that we can eat more safely and at ease.
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