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    What else can carrot puree do to improve intestinal health?

    • Last Update: 2021-02-05
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    Japan Itoyuan Co., Ltd. in collaboration with the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology of Showa University and Okazaki Surgical Digestive Clinic, etc. carried out a collaborative study to confirm that the intake of mixed carrot puree fruit and vegetable beverages can reduce the average pass time of stool in the large intestine, and then play a role in improving detox effect and reduce the risk of colon cancer associated with constipation.According to the

    2013 National Health and Nutrition Survey conducted by Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Labour, the average daily vegetable intake of Japanese adults is about
    grams, which is only about

    percent of the target value of
    21 To make up for this shortfall, fruit and vegetable drinks mixed with fruit juices are coming on the market for cheaper vegetable drinks. In addition, to enhance the taste, new developers are trying to add vegetable puree to fruit and vegetable beverages. Ito Garden has found that combining carrot puree with juice drinks changes the fluidity of the drink. In addition, the intake of these drinks is thought to increase intestinal peristaltic. Poor intestinal peristaltication is known to be an important factor in routine constipation as well as functional constipation. In the study, the researchers conducted a clinical trial, taking into account that fruit and vegetable drinks mixed with carrot puree are expected to improve detox. The study was divided into three projects.Project18
    for men and women who felt constipated, divided into
    % carrot puree mixed beverage intake group (test group) and non-mixed carrot mud intake group (control group), drinking
    bottles per bottle,
    200 ml
    , the trial lasted
    weeks. The deto one was then investigated.Figure
    Detox (
    weeks) by egg
    size conversionresults show that
    % of carrot puree mixed beverage intake compared to before ingestion, the amount of feces in a week (Figure
    ) showed a significant recent , the prevalence and death toll of colorectal cancer in Japan has been increasing year by year (data from the National Cancer Research Center
    ). Once feces stays in the intestines for a long time, carcinogens (secondary bile acid, a metabolite of primary bile acid that helps fat digestion under the action of gut bacteria) come into contact with the mucous membranes for longer periods of time, increasing the risk of colorectal cancer. Therefore, secondary bile acid is considered one of the risk factors for colorectal cancer, so it is particularly important not to increase the levels of secondary bile acid in feces.researchers therefore discussed whether the secondary bile acid ratio (secondary bile acid
    primary bile acid) in feces associated with improved detocation was a high-fat, low-dietary fiber diet (Sharon Steak and White Rice: Lipids
    g, Dietary Fiber
    taka) intake,
    men who were not chronic constipation were allowed to consume carrot puree
    % mixed beverages, and the following day the change in the bile acid ratio (the ratio of secondary bile acid to primary bile acid) in the
    % intake group was investigated. In addition, in order to obtain a secondary bile acid ratio in a normal state, the feces before the start of the recovery test.results showed an increase in the secondary bile acid ratio in the high-fat, low-dietary fiber diet of
    in the control beverage group compared to normal conditions, while the secondary bile acid ratio in the high-fat, low-dietary fiber diet of
    was in normal condition and in the control group (Figure
    ). This confirmed that carrot puree
    % of the mixed beverage group was able to inhibit the secondary bile acid ratio increase in the high-fat, low-dietary fiber diet.figure
    : the secondary bile acid than box chartProject III Today's level of scientific research is difficult to directly study the degree of human intestinal peristaltic. However, the researchers indirectly assessed intestinal peristalsis by measuring the average pass time of feces in the large intestine using non-permeable markers. The main discussion here is whether the intake of carrot puree mixed beverages shortens the average passing time of feces in the large intestine.researchers used a double-blind cross-control trial in which
    healthy men were randomly ingested with carrot puree (
    %) without mixing drinks and experimental drinks (
    carrot puree),
    bottles (
    ) a day for a total of one week. At the same time, the average time of feces passing through the areas of the large intestine was calculated using ray-through markers.results showed that the average pass time of the large intestine in the
    % of the experimental beverage group was shortened compared to the average pass time of the control group's large intestine (table
    : A strated analysis of the average pass time of the whole large intestine and the average pass time of each part of the large intestine From the above results, it can be seen that the intake of carrot puree mixed beverages can be expected to improve detox and reduce the risk of colorectal cancer by reducing the average passing time of feces in the large intestine.this trial is mainly based on male data results, its effect on whether women have the equivalent of shortening the average pass time of feces in the large intestine will be the focus of future research. In addition, the continued intake of experimental beverages will have other effects, which will be further explored in future studies.
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