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    What environmental hazards will the UV lamp aging test chamber be affected by?

    • Last Update: 2022-10-06
    • Source: Internet
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    The UV lamp aging test box must be specified for the test environment.
    Removing the unfavorable conditions can make the results more accurate and reflect the degree

    Here, Aipei Technology makes a simple summary of the environmental factors that endanger the UV lamp aging test box for your reference: The key to environmental factors is reflected in the following six levels: 1.
    The temperature in the box; 2.
    The cyclone rate; 3.
    The surface layer Environmental pollution; 4.
    Environmental humidity; 5.
    Active oxygen and other environmental pollution gases; 6.
    Support frame and installation

    Then what about these six levels? The following is the detailed content: 1.
    Temperature in the box: In the direct irradiation link or the stop lighting link, the temperature in the box should be controlled according to the required experimental procedures, and the relevant standards should be based on the equipment or components.
    The main purpose of the reservation requires the temperature class to be exceeded in the direct link

    Cyclone rate: ①The size of the cyclone rate close to the surface of the test sample not only harms the temperature increase of the test sample, but also causes obvious deviation of the open thermopile of the radiation intensity of the monitor

    2 In the geographical environment, the probability of obvious solar radiation and zero wind power standard is very small, so when it is necessary to identify the harm of different wind power to the test products such as machinery, equipment or components, the actual regulations should be required; 3 , Surface environmental pollution: Dust and other surface air pollutants will seriously change the digestion and absorption characteristics of the surface layer of the irradiated block, and ensure the cleaning of the sample during the experiment; 4.
    Environmental humidity: various raw materials, architectural coatings and other chemicals The photochemical degradation effects of substances under different environmental humidity standards are very different, and the regulations on environmental humidity standards are different.
    The actual environmental humidity standards are explicitly stipulated by relevant standards

    Active oxygen and other environmental pollution vapors: The active oxygen caused by the shell under the medium and short-wave ultraviolet radiation source of the lamp source, because the active oxygen and other environmental pollution vapors will harm the whole process of deterioration of some raw materials, unless it is Relevant standards also require that such harmful substances be discharged on the box

    Support frame and installation: The thermal characteristics and installation methods of various support frames will seriously harm the temperature of the experimental samples.
    It should also be considered that their heat conduction characteristics can indicate typical specific application conditions.


    What environmental hazards will the UV lamp aging test chamber suffer from? From the left and right control to the environmental factors that endanger the UV aging test, people can pay attention to this problem in the application, prevent the test results from being harmed, and can more reasonably exceed the actual effect of the test .
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