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    What is Obsidian?

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    Obsidian is a kind of black material like glass formed when lava cools in a short time

    Because of the fast cooling rate, the crystal formed in the material is very few

    This makes Obsidian essentially a natural glass and useful due to the lack of crystals

    In particular, it can be cut into sharp edges

    It is a very popular weapon material in the stone age, and it is still used in some surgical instruments

    It is not difficult to identify obsidian

    It's often black and shiny even when it's not polished

    It is composed of more than 70% silica, which is also the cause of its color

    However, if obsidian is mixed with some minerals, it will follow other colors

    For example, a high iron or magnesium content can cause the rock to appear dark green rather than black

    Some Obsidian are derived from snow flakes of cristobalite at the top

    In other cases, the substance bubbles and forms a layer

    This can produce a rainbow or golden obsidian

    However, the two variants are rare and hard to find

    Obsidian is not a real mineral or rock because it does not contain crystal structure

    Some people call it quasi mineral

    Quasi mineral is a mineral like substance lacking crystal structure

    Other quasi minerals include Opal and pearls

    Obsidian is a relatively soft material with a Mohs hardness of only 5-5.5

    However, despite its softness, it is the preferred material for weapons because it can be refined into very sharp edges

    In North America and other regions, arrows made of obsidian can still be found

    It can also be used for decorative purposes, such as the stone statue on Easter Island

    Some surgeons, especially cardiac surgeons, use scalpels and scalpels made of obsidian

    This kind of knife is very sharp and causes little damage to the tissue during cutting

    Because of the high sharpness, these special surgical cutting equipment can often reduce the recovery time

    Obsidian can be found in many parts of the earth, especially in quarries or where volcanoes are active

    However, it will deteriorate into small glass crystals over time.
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