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    What is teak oil?

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    Teak oil is a kind of synthetic oil specially used for teak antiseptic protection after optimized treatment

    Teak is one of the most durable wood

    It has strong anti mildew and sun protection ability

    It is rich in natural oils and generally does not react well to commercial varnishes and sealants

    However, many users still want to add some protection to their teak products

    Teak oil can meet the needs of these people

    Teak is most often used to make outdoor furniture and hulls

    This wood is also sometimes used as a decorative or exterior window frame and is widely praised for its strength and durability

    It is naturally waterproof and resistant to sunlight, and can be placed outdoors or in water all year round

    In an ideal state, teak can protect itself by secreting or regenerating oil

    Most teak experts object to using varnish, paint or sealant on teak

    These products will damage the self-protection ability of wood, and lead to wood drying and cracking, loss of durability

    Most teak also does not require general cleaning and maintenance, but experts recommend treating products with specific oils in harsh conditions

    Furniture made of teak can go through years of hot summer and snowstorms

    Of course, teak boats can be soaked in water (especially sea water) for weeks or months

    Teak oil does not come from the teak tree because it cannot be extracted from the tree unless the teak wood is destroyed

    In fact, teak treatment is a synthetic product that mimics and enhances the protective properties of natural teak oil

    Teak oil is usually sold by teak product distributors, as well as specialty wood and home repair companies

    Users can find different types of oil according to their needs

    For example, teak furniture oil is generally optimized by UV protection, which can make outdoor teak furniture more durable

    On the other hand, marine teak oil is generally optimized for water and moisture resistance

    There is no fixed formula for this oil, and the ingredients or essential elements are not the same

    Most manufacturers recommend that users use teak oil products only in certain circumstances

    Because teak prices are generally very expensive, the use of inferior oil will damage the value of teak, which is completely unnecessary.
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