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    What is the difference between concrete sealing curing agent and wear-resistant flooring construction?

    • Last Update: 2021-01-19
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    China Coatings Online News Information: There have been customers in the consultation to ask our technical staff, concrete sealing curing agent floor and wear-resistant flooring is any different? Which one is good? Which is more cost-effective in terms of price? Today extraordinary flooring company for you to answer.

    Concrete sealing curing agent floor construction: concrete construction after about 10-15 days after the completion of the construction curing agent, so that the water in the concrete to meet the construction requirements, to ensure that the concrete floor must be completely dry before the construction of the curing agent, after construction concrete sealing curing agent and substate into one, forming a tight whole.
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    The advantages of concrete sealing curing agent: concrete surface can play a strong protection against colorless, tasteless, transparent, volatile-free liquid, in line with the requirements of contemporary health, although the gloss is very good, but can not change the color of the floor.

    Wear-resistant floor construction: the construction process is carried out in sync with the concrete construction, the construction process of wear-resistant bone completely seeped into the concrete base, so after the completion of construction, the material and the ground form a whole, you can achieve the desired ground color and aesthetic effect. Because of its aesthetic effect, so many people favor this, after the completion of the construction of the ground service life of about 5-8 years.

    the advantages of wear resistance: you can make the desired color, need to work with the concrete, and the color is not easy to fade, but the surface of the concrete is basically not protected.

    Both have their own advantages, when you do wear-resistant flooring, it is important to do curing agent, so that it achieves wear-resistant, pressure-resistant dust and sand protection and so on, so that the ground effect is better, maintenance and maintenance costs-free, floor life of up to 50 years.
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