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    What is the difference between liquids and solid microbial agents?

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    First, liquid and solid packaging formMicrobial agent liquid packaging: the active microbial preparation packaging in plastic containers, generally using composite microbial agents, mainly composed of Bacillus spores, Bifidobacteria, Lactobacillus and other general 3-5 microbial bacteria, in plastic bottle packaging liquid to provide some microbial nutritionThe advantage of liquid microbial preparation is active bacteria, the use of the link does not need to activate, can be in the use of nutrition immediately to reproduce to produce effects, the disadvantage is high packaging costs, transportation is not convenient and high cost, and the rapid decay of live bacteria, the key lactic acid bacteria easy to quickly die lose effect, and can not add more bacteria combined with compound enzyme preparationsHere's moreSolid packaging of microbial preparations: modern solid microbial preparation packaging generally a variety of microbial agents (such as pig farming generally using Bacillus spores, lactic acid bacteria, Clostridium clostridium, etcnearly 10 kinds) using spore multi-layer burial (pack) technology, with compound enzyme preparations made into powder, and then packaging plastic bagsThis is currently widely popular and recognized packaging modelThe disadvantage of solid microbial preparations is that they are out of dormant spores, when used requires a certain amount of time to activate to produce results, but with low packaging costs, easy to transport, high bacterial content can be stored at room temperature and not easy to inactivate, the bacteria content is more complete and can be combined with compound enzyme preparation sydment sydment better, more convenient to use can be high temperature granulation and convenient automatic feeding system large-scale use and many other advantages, the specific advantages and disadvantages below, liquid and solid microbial preparations of the advantages and disadvantages of comparison 1Packaging and cost comparison: liquid packaging costs are relatively high, because most of the liquid microbial preparation products used in composite animals will produce high-pressure gas, the need for high-strength plastic bottles as packaging, plus the volume of packaging materials, a box of 24 bottles of packaging materials than 100 packs of 1 kg of solid microbial preparationproducts cost higher;2The combined cost of liquids is higher: if a ton of feed is added, the cost of liquid microbial preparations will be higher, because the number of live bacteria of liquids will decline quickly (from the factory in less than 1 month to reduce by less than 1 billion cfu/g, about 200 million cfu/g in three months or so, different from the technology, data for reference, the same), generally), When used are recommended to add brown sugar for "activation", in fact, is to expand, otherwise the cost is higher, the market sales of water agent microbial preparation1 kg load editing general price of about 30 yuan, used for 1 ton of feed mix or for 2 tons of drinking water;3Comparison of the speed of the result: In principle, the liquid's microbial preparation products have been in an active state, so the use of the effect can be immediately produced, while the powder microbe preparation is spore sleep state, the use of water and nutrition in the process of water and nutrition to activate and produce resultsHowever, this does not mean that liquid microbial agents work better than solid saitcoms, as solid microbial agents are activated for a short time and are described in more detail below4Solid-state than liquid microbial preparation products can have a more complete microbial varieties: solid microbiology in most cases has a better use of the effect, because the active state of liquid microorganisms can not concentrate too many species together, otherwise it will quickly consume nutrients in the bottle and inactivation, which is the reason why liquid microbial products generally only about 3 micro-organisms; Such as lactic acid bacteria in the field of the use of the effect is very positive, is also one of the key strains, but the liquid microbial preparation product packaging in less than a month basically no lactic acid bacteria, and in solid products using multi-layer edicom technology can be kept at room temperature for a long time; However, powder microbe products can be added to it, resulting in better use 5 Solid-state microbial preparation products can add a richer compound enzyme preparation to achieve more with less effect: professional people know that in animals using microbial preparation products at the same time, combined with the use of compound enzymes, can produce more with less However, the liquid microbial preparation products themselves liquid packaging nature, can not be combined into the compound enzyme preparations into it and long-term preservation, but solid-state microbial preparation products can be combined into them, such as Nanning Weirui Biotech Co., Ltd production of pig-specific compound probiotics, chicken-specific compound probiotics, etc are micro-organisms and enzymes of the complex; Fermentation agent products can concentrate on Bacillus spores, lactic acid bacteria, a variety of yeasts, compound enzyme preparations, etc , its fermentation effect and speed is far beyond the liquid microbial preparation of fermentation agent products, typical such as Nanning Weirui Biotech Co., Ltd production of feed fermentation agent - dynamic 99 enzymes and coarse feed degradation agent, fermentation effect is far stronger than the liquid EM bacteria effect several times, not only fast, better quality, easy fermentation, and lower cost, which is why to win a large number of users beyond the market Users use EM bacteria that will directly discard the liquid once for fermented feed 6 Solid microbial preparation products can be directly high temperature granulation: solid microbial preparation products microbes are in a state of spore sleep, new products using multi-layer editing technology, feed plant high temperature granulation time is very short, although the lactic acid bacteria and other spores some damage, but not much, and on spores and enzymes have no obvious impact This allows microbes and enzymes to be added to the cultured environment at the source of the culture, feed plants, and liquid microbial preparations are easily inactivated due to their activeness and are inactivated due to the nature of the liquid 7 The use of solid-state microbial preparation products is more convenient and suitable for large-scale farms: today's scale farms are using modern equipment such as granule feed or automatic feeding systems Solid-state microbial preparation products can be easily granulated, directly mixed with feed (particle feed or powder feed) feeding, and water agent microbiological preparation products are not suitable for large-scale feed mixing and input in the automatic feeding system, only suitable for small-scale farmers of wet and dry feed, non-automatic water supply of appliances drinking water (microbial products can not carry out automatic water supply system, otherwise will adhere to pipe blocking pipes, etc.) 8 Summary: Solid-state (powder) microbiology can integrate more beneficial bacteria, and can be combined with compound enzymes in it, so the use of better, but also as the first choice for feed fermentation agents; The mixing system is used, so more suitable for the use of large-scale aquaculture, water agent microbial preparation products due to single species, and can not be combined with compound enzyme preparations are not recommended in the scale of aquaculture, but because of the active state, can be directly used for spraying, biological deodorization, as well as small-scale aquaculture mixing and drinking water, can also be used in aquaculture to improve water quality, mixing, etc of course, in the process of using microbial agents (probiotics) does not affect the use of antibiotics in the treatment, there will be no side effects, only affect the effect of microbes, but combined with compound enzyme preparations compound microbiology products even in the treatment of large doses of antibiotics in the treatment of animals, compound enzyme preparations or almost will not be affected Therefore, powder compound microorganisms containing compound enzymes can be used regardless of any link in culture, do not need to worry about the problem of antibiotics in the feed, the problem of high doses of antibiotics during treatment, the problem of the period of immunization, will not be caused by other drugs and other microbial products will bring side effects
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