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    What is the frequency of drug band purchase landing BUG?

    • Last Update: 2020-08-01
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    For the national belt procurement, reasonable price is formed in the competition, reasonable equipped with procurement use should also be a benign state.
    medical institutions, commercial companies and production enterprises should be highly concerned and rational, and policy organizers should do a good job of collecting and following up the supervision work, optimize and upgrade drug procurement policies, and effectively make good procurement policies in the local smooth implementation, for the benign operation of the pharmaceutical market supply to provide greater protection.
    BUG1: Low distribution rate and return rate! Recently, a province of 25 kinds of centralized procurement of selected drugs (expansion) distribution and return monitoring results outflow, it is surprising that 25 varieties, the total distribution completion rate of only 57.48%! The total return completion rate is only 54.89 percent! A closer look, there is a minimum distribution rate of only 25%! Within two months, the return rate was 0.
    what is causing the distribution and return rates of purchased varieties to be so low? Does this exist in other provinces? If the distribution rate of varieties and return rate is too low, there are three reasons: commercial distribution reasons, production enterprises, medical institutions.
    simple, the logic of volume procurement is that medical institutions report demand, all over the summary, the organization to carry out the volume procurement work, to volume for price, enterprises with low prices for a high amount, and then get the purchase volume, usage, sales, return of timely protection. What about the reality of
    ? According to the relevant enterprises reflect that many medical institutions in the amount of time, not "serious", or even treat the same child play, a very strict thing to do crying and laughing.
    a small A (pseudonym) reflects that the earliest 11 cities, there is a city, there are a lot of reports of a piece of the hospital, our smallest packaging is NN tablets, commercial companies call to purchase a piece of hospital goods how to send, is a box broken into 1 piece of 1 piece of separate delivery? Make the business crash! A business Li Gang (pseudonym) puzzled that many medical institutions report when the play, and then procurement when the amount of indiscriminate filling, make now there are enterprises simply can not supply so many goods.
    more than double the number of good to say, now want the amount is five or six times, we can only go with him, the enterprise simply can not supply.
    as for the low rate of hospital withdrawal, due to funding precipitation and other reasons this has not been a new problem.
    in order to put an end to this situation, many places have to guarantee the return of relevant policies.
    take Liaoning as an example, 4 plus 7 varieties require the delivery unit each delivery time and quantity to the medical institution's purchase order, must ensure the response within 12 hours, within 24 hours of delivery in place, distribution should provide the same batch number of the drug test report.
    emergency medicine must be delivered in a timely manner in accordance with clinical needs, delivery time should not exceed 4 hours, normal delivery of holidays;
    Shanghai requires the procurement cycle to be implemented for half a year or after the purchase volume reaches 50% of the agreed purchase amount, the work organization pays 45% of the total purchase price to the designated distribution enterprise; there are exceptions
    According to a commercial company procurement staff revealed that some provinces do not make a separate request for repayment, there is no requirement for hospitals to pay in advance, or dedicated policies.
    hospital or in accordance with the previous account period unified repayment.
    there is also a situation is that some areas of the report itself is particularly small, some public hospitals did not issue procurement notice, the hospital's own use of policies have not been well formulated, slowly has been dragging.
    and now the business should face a problem, manufacturers of drugs can not fully meet market demand, such as some varieties, is a period of time manufacturers to a little, and then need to be divided.
    there is a situation that the hospital attaches great importance to also reported, but really no goods.
    particularly remote areas, and not at all the key market areas of manufacturers.
    BUG2: The workload is huge! Why do the tripartite contract scan and then upload it? Recently, a province also issued a relevant notice, signed the process requirements: 1, the selection of enterprises online entry of selected varieties, distribution enterprises, agreed procurement volume and other information;
    in addition to this province, some provinces have also put forward the same requirements, the system seal, export printing, and then scan upload.
    the figure below is the number of agreements that pharmaceutical manufacturers have to upload (to find the psychological shadow area of the relevant enterprises) in a certain prefecture-level city.
    can imagine, the province's prefecture-level city how many, upload edited number of how many.
    now the leg is indeed a trip and do not have to run, but the chapter to cover how many times it is not clear.
    export, stamp, scan, re-upload... Week after week, is it really the pharmaceutical production and operation of enterprises as printers and scanners? Is such notification seeking compliance with the requirements of the relevant national "optimization of services and innovative working methods"? Mingming in the system to put a electronic seal to complete a tripartite agreement, only less than five seconds, not to totos the enterprise to send additional personnel overtime stamp scanning. is it so hard
    to make things simple? Drug band procurement landing BUG frequency, some are indeed related to the contradiction between supply and demand, temporarily can not be resolved can not be understood.
    but some problems are artificial lying without considering the actual situation leading to an unprovoked waste of market costs.
    sincerely hope that the relevant parties will optimize the current practical practices, solve the problem, do not create artificial obstacles in some details, and ensure that the belt procurement policy lands correctly at the local level, rather than their respective characteristics, so that all parties spit.
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