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    What is the functional configuration of the linkage line of the plastic bottle production line?

    • Last Update: 2022-10-03
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    The linkage line of the plastic bottle production line implements linkage control and microcomputer control, and has the functions
    of no bottle no filling, no bottle no cap, no bottle no cap (rolling), no bottle and no sign.

    This unit has strong anti-interference and stable and reliable

    Functional configuration of the linkage line of plastic bottle production line: ◆Chinese display: full Chinese color LCD screen, the whole process Chinese fool-type guided operation; ◆ Intelligent efficiency: the weighing platform is prohibited from filling without barrels, differential pressure zero-hour bucket collision protection, automatic peeling, intelligent anti-stupidity, fault detection, etc.
    , which can realize the simultaneous operation of filling and locking cover operation by a single person; ◆ Equipment filling gun: five-layer seal professional design, to ensure that there is no dripping phenomenon after filling; ◆ Fast positioning: swing filling, can be moved left and right, front and back, suitable for IC ton barrel and four-way filling; ◆ Easy to operate: the filling gun shortcut operation key start/emergency stop, filling height adjustable, suitable for different specifications of barrels; ◆ Function switching: net weight/gross weight, auto/manual function switching mode; ◆ Accurate and fast: configure large and small ball valve sets and filling guns, large, small and micro three-stage filling design, eliminate the influence of incoming material flow rate changes on the loading accuracy, and make the filling accuracy and speed industry; ◆ Imported configuration: to ensure that the overall performance of the equipment is stable, fast and accurate, strong and durable

    The linkage line of the plastic bottle production line completes the potting work through a series of special processes such as automatic bottle loading, bottom filling, automatic capping, hot melt bottom sealing, pneumatic finger clipping to send out the bottle, which can be used as the ideal equipment
    for oral liquid filling production.

    The whole machine adopts PLC control, man-machine interface operation, automatic and manual switching control, touch screen full Chinese menu monitoring, with empty bottle leak detection, lack of bottle anti-filling, capless bottle and leakage bottle rejection, frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, automatic counting and other functions

    The easy-folding plastic bottle configured by this machine is manufactured in a clean area, which can reduce the process of washing bottles, drying and sterilization, saving space, and also has the advantages
    of not breaking in bottling and transportation.

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