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    What is the most authentic type of Duck Creek Cellar Wine? Is Guizhou Zunyi Duck Creek Wine the same as Duck Creek Cellar Wine?

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    Guizhou Duck Creek Cellar, originated in 1886, has a long history, renowned, Guizhou Duck Creek cellar wine products continue to upgrade, forming a complete product line, while deep farming market, research consumer trends, unique brand advantages and continuous heritage of winemaking skills, so that the market size of The Duck Creek Cellars continues to expand, in the old famous wine enterprises, many bright spotsSowhich is the most authentic of the Duck Creek Cellar wine? Is Guizhou Zunyi Duck Creek wine the same as The Duck Creek Cellar Wine?below to learn about the next Duck Creek Cellar winethe history of the development of duck brook cellar winefrom traditional to modern, the flow of years, the same is the unique flavor of the duck brook cellar fragrance overflowingMelting the sweet, pure grain of the fragrance, drawing the spirit of heaven and earth show, according to the natural way of ancient law, carefully brewing, walking non-stopFollow in the footsteps of history, will be good taste heritagemore than 130 years ago, the Duck Creek people in the town to build a workshop to dig a pond and cellar, the taste of the exploration and the perception of the world into the wine: the beginning of the twentieth century, "Ray Quan Daqu" famous, famous north; Since the 1980s, Yaxi Cellar Wine has won more than 40 major honors, such as Plovdiv International Gold Award, Guizhou Famous Wine, Old Chinese Name, State Banquet Wine of the Great Hall of the People, Wine for meetings of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and Protection Products of National Geographic Indicationsfrom the origin to the peak of the time, rolling red dust, the great changes, so far in every bottle of Duck Creek cellar wine, still can be through vision and taste, return to the prosperity and glory of the day, with generations of craftsmanship to maintain the heartthe most authentic of the Duck Creek Cellar swine?Yaxi Cellar wine is located in the core area of the white wine golden triangle in Zunyi Duck Creek Town, with a unique natural environment and unique geographical environmentIn 2012, "Duck Creek Cellar" was named the National Geographic Indication product protection, Guizhou after "Maotai" the first to receive this award of liquor productsDuck Creek cellar for hundreds of years of winemaking culture and generation-passed craftsmanship to be exclusively protected, and since then, more brilliantGuizhou Duckxi Wine Industry as a special attention to consumer experience and word-of-mouth of the old wine enterprises, always put the rights and interests of consumers in the first place, in order to provide consumers with a cup of high-quality liquorDuck Creek cellar quality is guaranteed, strong brand fidelity, professional buyers are clear: choose the right product, is to choose the long-term futureTaste the strong fragrance of the pie, drink authentic duck brook cellar! Duck Creek cellar wine has a set of perfect production system, raw materials through layers of screening, in order to be used as raw wine grain Winemakers remember every production process, always adhere to the traditional manual process, in the brewing operation process, to achieve "uniform, transparent, suitable, stable, accurate, fine, net, low." Only after this cumbersome process and process can the original wine be eligible to enter the cellar for the start of the journey to reach the market we see the finished wine, this is far from complete, in the packaging workshop assembly line, each bottle of wine from filling to lamp inspection, from labeling to marking code, from the box to the box, dozens of processes, everyone closely watch, layer process supervision, only for the birth of a good bottle of wine Yaxi cellar wine has built a sound original wine file management system and a sound original wine sample room, full control of the product in the production, logistics, consumption of the main information Really let consumers buy at ease, drink at ease duck sidon and duck brook wine? Yaxi Cellar wine is produced in the town of Yaxi, about 40 kilometers southwest of Zunyi City, Guizhou Province, one of the four famous towns in northern Fujian Province, and is named for its land Unique geographical environment and climatic conditions, coupled with the traditional production process, created the Duck Creek cellar wine "cannot drink head, drunk dry" typical characteristics and "strong head sauce tail" unique style, also known in the industry as "Duck Creek incense." Duck Creek cellar wine with rich cellar fragrance, soft and simple, sweet and not greasy, fragrant and not violent, the unique style of the aftertaste long, although it is a strong flavor of white wine, but has a strong fragrance entrance, sauce aftertaste characteristics, there is a strong head sauce tail, wine, as early as the Republic of China on the famous north, especially with its predecessor "Requan Daqu", "Ronghua cellar wine" is the most famous Becoming a popular wine, but also a gift to relatives and friends of the first gift, known as "wine and Chinese people", has been repeatedly named Guizhou wine Yaxi large and small there are dozens of old wine, there are tens of thousands of tons of one, three, five, ten, twenty, thirty, forty years old wine Now people drink the Duck Creek cellar wine, are from different years, flavor, grade of the finished wine Brewing one year, inventory three years, ticking for a year, tongue on the tip of the inheritance, but also the flavor of the inheritance For more than a hundred years, from generation to generation, in the intersection of history and destiny, precipitated the unique essence of nature Guizhou provincial famous wine, either sauce-scented Maotai or rich-scented duck stream extremely scarce, extreme taste, cellar fragrance elegant, Chen Xiangyu, sweet and delicate, empty cup incense, known as "wine and Chinese people" elegant origin of the house, Yaxi Guangxigxingxiang Burning House, Yaxi Ronghua Burning House blood line spread people's homes, poetry: "Year after year there is wine laugh, the family are drinking duck brook cellar." an extraordinary taste of famous doors, a vein of alcohol hundred-year heritage above is the most authentic of 's Duck Creek Cellar Wine? Duck creek wine and duck brook cellar wine the same answer, although most people in the country only know Maotai, do not know duck brook cellar wine, but duck brook cellar wine is the real wine, send people, drink themselves are very good, worth a taste Source: Guizhou Duck Creek Cellar
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