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    What paint is used for solid wood furniture?

    • Last Update: 2021-01-13
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    "China Paint Online News News
    solid wood furniture paint is generally divided into oily wood paint, water-based wood paint and so on.
    1, oily wood paint itself contains many people's harmful substances, such as benzene, toluene, free TDI, etc. , and the smell is very pungent, uncomfortable. General formal manufacturers do not choose paints that endanger human health.
    2, water-based wood paint, water-based wood paint by 40% of the water, 30% of the tree ester emulsion, 25% of the pigment fillers and 5% of the additives and other harmless ingredients, with this paint painted furniture feel and texture is also very comfortable, but the current market price of this paint is more expensive.

    types of paint
    (i), large paint
    large paint also known as natural paint, there are raw paint, cooked paint. Raw paint is toxic, paint film rough, rarely used directly, after processing mature paint or modified to make a variety of refined paint. Cooked paint is suitable for drying in humid environment, the resulting paint film gloss is good, tough, high stability, strong acid resistance, but slow drying. After the modified fast-drying push paint, Tizhuang paint and other low toxicity, paint film tough, can be sprayed can be brushed, easy to construct, acid-resistant, water-resistant, suitable for advanced coating.

    (ii), varnish
    it is divided into oil-based varnish and tree ester varnish two categories, the former commonly known as "Van Li water", the latter commonly known as "bubble water", is a pigment-free transparent paint. Commonly used are the following:
    1, ester varnish: also known as water-resistant varnish. The paint film is bright and water resistant, but the gloss is not long-lasting and the dryness is poor. Suitable for wooden furniture, doors and windows, wall brushes and metal surfaces.
    2, phenolic varnish: commonly known as Yongming paint. Drying faster, paint film tough and durable, good gloss, heat, water, weak acid and alkali, the disadvantage is that the paint film is easy to yellow, more brittle. Suitable for painting wooden furniture doors and windows, slabs and metal surfaces.
    3, nitro varnish: also known as varnish, lak. With fast drying, hard, bright, wear-resistant, durable and so on, is a high-level coating, suitable for wood, metal surface coating decoration, for high-level doors and windows, panel walls, handrails.
    4, insect glue varnish: also known as bubble water, alcohol Van Li water, also known as paint tablets. It is a solution made from insect film dissolved in alcohol over 95 degrees. This paint is easy to use, fast drying, hard and shiny paint film. The disadvantage is water resistance, poor weather resistance, sun exposure will lose light, hot water will be white. Generally used for interior wood furniture decoration.
    5, acrylic varnish: it can be warm and dry, with good weather resistance, light resistance, heat resistance, mold resistance and adhesion, but poor resistance to gasoline. Suitable for spraying an anode oxidized aluminum alloy surface.
    (iii), toned paint
    it is the most commonly used paint. The texture is soft, uniform, thick and moderate, corrosion-resistant, sun-resistant, long-term non-cracking, strong cover, good durability, convenient construction. It is divided into oily and magnetic and lacquer two kinds, the latter is now named Dodan toned paint. In the room is suitable for magnetic and lacquer, this kind of toned paint is better than oily and lacquered, the paint film is hard, bright and smooth, but the weather resistance is worse than oily and lacquer.
    (iv), porcelain paint
    it is the same as toned paint, is also a color paint, but on the basis of varnish added inorder pigment made. Because the paint film is bright, flat, delicate, hard, the appearance is similar to ceramic or enamel. Porcelain paint is rich in color and has strong adhesion. According to the requirements of use, different doses of anti-lighting agent can be added to porcelain paint, to make half-light or lightless porcelain paint. Common varieties are phenolic porcelain paint and acetic porcelain paint. Suitable for painting indoor and outdoor wood, metal surfaces, furniture and wood decoration.
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