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    What should be paid attention to when the stainless steel sanitary centrifugal pump is shut down?

    • Last Update: 2022-06-10
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    Stainless steel sanitary centrifugal pump is a very simple piece of equipment


    Its purpose is to convert the energy into velocity or kinetic energy and pressure of the fluid being pumped and then into an electric motor or engine

    The energy of the pump changes, the impeller and volute are divided into two main parts

    The rotational drive energy of the impeller is converted into a portion of the kinetic energy

    The volute is the stationary part that converts kinetic energy into pressure

    The pump is widely used in food, beverage, dairy products and other industries

       Stainless steel sanitary centrifugal pump is a main type of sanitary pump.
    It has the characteristics of fine production, high wear resistance, strong moisturizing and not easy to scale


    The following small series briefly introduces what matters should be paid attention to when it is shut down? 1.
    The shutdown of the high temperature sanitary centrifugal pump should be carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations


    The inlet valve of the pump should be closed after the sanitary centrifugal pump is stopped, and the valves and switches of other auxiliary systems should be closed after the pump cools down and stops


    Sanitary centrifugal pumps that transport media that are easy to solidify, crystallize, and precipitate, etc.
    , should prevent clogging after shutdown, and flush the pump and pipeline with clean water or other media in time


    Discharge the accumulated liquid in the sanitary centrifugal pump to prevent rust and freeze cracking


    When the low-temperature sanitary centrifugal pump stops running, if there are no special requirements, the pump body should be filled with liquid; 6.
    The inlet valve and the outlet valve should be kept normally open; The sealing liquid in the sealing cavity of the pump body should keep the grouting pressure of the pump at a certain level


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