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    What wine is brandy? Cognac wine, taste/taste, degrees and price

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    Brandy is a more famous foreign wine, the popularity in foreign countries is estimated to be similar to the domestic two pot headWhat wine isbrandy?essentially, brandy is similar to Chinese sake, but the raw materials used are not the same, brandy is mostly made from fruit, and the raw material of sake is grainSome friends listen to brandy, think it is a luxury, in fact, brandy price is also graded, there are expensive and cheapIn order to let everyone have a simple and comprehensive understanding of brandy, small spinning finishingcognac brandy drinking method, taste / taste, degree and priceWhat isbrandy? The burned winebrandy, originally from The Dutch brandewijn, meaning "burned wine"In a narrow sense, it refers to the high alcohol that is distilled after fermentation of grapes, which are then stored in oak barrelsBrandy is a distilled wine, made from fruit, fermented, distilled, stored and brewedthe grape-based distilled wine is called grape brandy, often said brandy, refers to grape brandyTo other fruit raw materials to make brandy, should be added to the name of the fruit, apple brandy, cherry brandy, etc, but their popularity is far less than the formerWhat wine is brandy? The wine brandy and is one of the wines The so-called wine, in fact, means Western wine In the 13th century, Dutch ships carrying salt off the coast of France brought wines from the French cognac region to the countries along the North Sea coast, and these wines were very popular By the 16th century, the increase in wine production and the long shipping time, so that the French wine deterioration and slow sales at this time, the clever Dutch merchants used these wines as raw materials, processed into grape distilled spirits, such distilled spirit not only will not be due to long-distance transport and deterioration, and because of the high concentration of freight costs, grape distillation sales gradually increased, the Dutch in the Charander region of the distillation equipment has gradually improved, the French began to master distillation technology, and developed into a second distillation method, but this time the grape distillation is now known as the original distillation What is a cognac ? cognac is a kind of brandy, x.O is a class of cognac The often-heard "cognac" has two layers of meaning: a wine region in France, and brandy from that region The French like to do the certification of origin, just as "only the French champagne region produced sparkling wine can be called champagne", cognac is "only the French cognac region produced brandy can be called cognac." French brandy has the following: one-star ★ (5 years), two-star ★★ (10 years), three-star ★★★ (15 years), VO (15 years or more), VSO (20 years or more), VSOP (25 years or more), FOP (30 years or more), XO (40 years or more), Extra (50 years or more) brandy: drink brandy, use a special size high-footed glass Only about one ounce of wine can be poured into a glass at a time The simple test method is to pour the high-footed glass filled with wine, the wine is in the mouth without spilling for just With the middle and ring fingers of your left hand, hold the wine glass high feet, hold the glass in his hands, and slowly shake back and forth Heat the wine evenly using the palm of your hand When the wine temperature reaches the body temperature of the person, the wine is full of aromas Put the tip of the nose close to the mouth of the glass, the strong wine straight heart Then, take a shallow drink of about 0.3 ounces Never rush to swallow, put the wine in your mouth, let your tongue and mouth fully feel the taste of the wine At the same time, squeeze the air in the mouth into the nasal cavity The smell of wine that the nose smells from the mouth is more fragrant and more melcented than the smell it smells from the glass Finally, the wine slowly swallowed pure brandy is just a cup straight into a glass, drink at room temperature, without ice or mixing brandy can be mixed with other wines, juices or creams to make a variety of cocktails, such as brandy, brandy Alexander or vintage cocktails Brandy cocktails are usually rocked with ice cubes, filtered into cocktail glasses and served with aromatic decorations brandy has a feature that is not afraid to be diluted Put white water in brandy, and the flavor remains the same to reduce the wine As a result, people often put in ice, mineral water or soda when drinking brandy More tea, the more expensive tea the better, brandy aroma plus tea aroma, with strong national characteristics cognac brandy drinking method: cognac can even be frozen after drinking, the liquor will be more viscous (because of the high alcohol content, will not freeze), so that the taste as smooth as velvet Best with seafood: oysters, lobster or sushi can be added to the toning water or ginger soda, to make a pre-dinner wine drink This will release fresh fruit aromas and even licorice in the R?my Martin VSOP This is the usual way for locals in the cognac area to drink cognac in order to taste cognac better, it is recommended to use a "tasting glass", its long and narrow shape can better show the rich aroma of cognac, and moderate adjustment of the alcohol sense When adding a drop of water, it is also recommended to use a wine tasting glass When adding ice, it is recommended to put in a large flat cup, there is space for two pieces of ice, you can use the cup to accelerate the melting of ice, more easy to smell and drink If you just make a simple ice drink, use a long glass, you can load a lot of ice The more ice melts, the slower the liquor, the better it is to keep cool Traditionally, the time to taste cognac is after dinner as a post-dinner wine, when it is recommended that the cup be treated without ice and that the cup is slightly warmed by holding it by hand For dinner, it is recommended to clean the cognac brandy taste and taste: brandy is a spirit, but because of the long time, its taste is soft, pure fragrance, drinking gives people an elegant, comfortable enjoyment Internationally popular brandy, alcohol volume score of about 40%, color gold and yellow crystal, with elegant and delicate grape fruit aroma and rich aging wood fragrance, taste sweet, mellow, endless cognac because of the brewing process and aging, smell and taste level is very distinct, plus is sweet mouth, spicy ingredients less, bring their own noble temperament, so become a luxury cognac as a pre-dinner aperitif, it is generally recommended to clean the drink, but adding a drop of water will give off more fruity, floral and spiced atmosphere, so that the tasting process is smoother Similarly, adding two ice cubes dilutes the cognac and lowers the alcohol concentration, releasing more aromas and making the taste fresher The goal is to release new scents step by step as the ice melts slowly a good bottle of X.O-grade brandy, with a silky smooth taste, little to feel with alcohol, and completely unirritated the throat This premium brandy recommends a clean drink and savours its taste and taste degrees of brandy: the degree of brandy is between 40-43 degrees (the international standard for the ticking of brandy is 42 to 43 degrees) brandy price: brandy price is related to its aging, origin, brand XO is short for eXtra Old, which means "special" in brandy (Similar to the 5 years of white wine, 10 years old, belong to the vintage wine), XO is representative of the top of the brandy, as well as VSOP, VS, VO grade In brandy XO and VSOP are both representative of this series of wine, its original pulp wine aging period, such as XO, is the aging period of 12---50 years or more, and VSOP is the aging period is 5 to 10 years The longer the is stored, the higher the value It is said that enough xo grade, to store for fifteen years Louis XIII, which sells for tens of thousands of dollars a bottle, has been stored for more than fifty years On the Internet can find the price of brandy has expensive up to 100,000, but also cheap to about 100 yuan But here's a reminder: Most brandy is hook-up and wine, so don't mistake it for a fake wine above is about the cognac brandy drinking method, taste / taste, degree and price and other knowledge introduction, I believe that after reading the brandy wine has more understanding, cognac brandy is a luxury in brandy, it is a rich and varied spirits Whether it's a solo meal or a companionship, before, during, after a meal, or in a cocktail, cognac can be enjoyed in all its forms
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