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    What's wrong with non-dairy ice cream?

    • Last Update: 2021-11-11
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    Original: Ma Guansheng
    Isn’t it cool to watch Chinese athletes raising the national flag and playing the national anthem in Tokyo while blowing on the air conditioner, eating ice cream? But in the face of the colorful ice cream in the supermarket freezer, how to choose? Someone recently mentioned a "non-dairy ice cream", what is it? How should we buy it?
    Non-dairy ice cream is a type of ice cream, in which part of the milk fat is replaced with non-dairy fat

    Non-dairy fat is a big concept.
    Olive oil, cocoa butter, and coconut oil are also non-dairy fats

    Non-dairy fat ≠ non-dairy fat or trans fat

    Either non-dairy fat or milk fat can be used, depending on the process and product characteristics

    The same is true for foreign ice cream.
    Milk fat and non-dairy fat coexist

    Either non-dairy cream or cream ice cream can be selected.
    Pay attention to the right amount and eat it in a dynamic balance

    What is non-dairy ice cream
    It is generally believed that ice cream is made of milk, cream and other raw materials, but with the development of the industry and consumer market, ice cream forms are now very diverse
    According to national standards, ice cream can be divided into 10 categories (you don't even bother to listen), one of which is "non-dairy ice cream", that is, "the weight of the main part of the cream is less than 2.

    " To put it bluntly, it is to replace part of the milk fat with non-dairy fat, and the other things are basically the same

    Non-dairy cream ≠ non-dairy creamer
    Some people think that milk fat is better than non-dairy fat.
    In fact, it is a bit "Guan Gong vs.
    Qin Qiong" to be so general

    For example, olive oil is also non-dairy, and the cocoa butter in "Pure Black Chocolate" is also non-dairy.
    Can "milk fat be better than olive oil"?
    Non-dairy fat does not contain cholesterol

    Therefore, there is no strict distinction between milk fat and non-dairy fat

    Saying that "non-dairy fat is not as good as milk fat" is probably confused with "non-dairy creamer", and then the brain is supplemented with hydrogenated vegetable oil and trans fat
    There are many professional concepts involved.
    I will tell you in the simplest logic that non-dairy fat ≠ non-dairy cream ≠ trans fat

    In addition, in accordance with the requirements of the national standard, if hydrogenated oil is used, the content of "trans fat" will definitely be marked in the nutrition label.
    Don't worry, you will know it by looking at it.
    If you don't have this item, you can eat with confidence

    Hydrogenated oil is useless .

    Why use non-dairy fat
    Regardless of whether milk fat or non-dairy fat, they play the same role in ice cream, changing the structure of ice crystals to create a soft taste
    The non-dairy fat used in ice cream is not just a little peanut oil or soybean oil, usually coconut oil, palm oil, etc.
    , because they have similar processing characteristics to animal fats

    There are many considerations when choosing milk fat or non-dairy fat.
    The most important thing is the overall quality of the product, including appearance, taste, texture, etc.
    After all, deliciousness is the most important thing

    For example, chocolate ice cream is a bit greasy when it is eaten, but it is greasy with milk fat.
    It is the kind that greasy middle-aged men can't stand it.

    Do you use non-dairy fat in foreign countries?
    Some people always think that "foreign moons are round".
    In fact, non-dairy ice cream is not a special product of China.
    Non-dairy ice cream is still used in foreign ice cream.
    I have never seen anyone say that such ice cream is not good

    I took a look on the Internet.
    Many ice creams abroad use coconut oil and palm oil (3 examples below)

    Of course, because foreign standards are different from ours, we don't know the specific ratio, but looking at the protein, fat and other indicators in the nutritional composition table, there is no essential difference from the domestic one

    In an era when plant meat, plant milk, and plant yogurt were lauded by capital, non-dairy ice cream was loved by everyone because of its taste
    You can buy cream or non-dairy ice cream according to your own taste, as long as you have a good time

    It would be even better if you followed the Olympic champions


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