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    Where is the way out for generic companies under the big price reduction of chinese medicines?

    • Last Update: 2020-11-20
    • Source: Internet
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      "Pharmaceutical Network Industry Dynamics" Recently, the Joint Procurement Office of the National Organization officially announced the results of the third batch of national procurement: Ramif fixed flow mark, the remaining 55 varieties were all selected.
    Specifically, compared with the previous times, this round of procurement varieties further expanded, involving 56 varieties, the number is close to the sum of the previous two selected varieties, the product regulations for 82, the collection amount of 22.6 billion yuan, 194 enterprises to participate in bidding, including more than 50 listed companies.
    prices, the average price cut this time 53%, to a high of 95%.
    also according to industry information shows that the selected drugs in a one-fold, two-fold drug abound.
    metformin and catopriles, both dropped to sub-levels.
    can say that whether it is the scale, scope, or price reduction, is very large.
    But it is worth noting that after a bloody battle, domestic pharmaceutical companies such as Qilu Pharmaceuticals, Stone Pharmaceutical Group have 8 varieties selected;
    results were only 2 in the election, and the rest were all out.
    such as: AstraZeneta's Anaquon (1mg) price of 29.929 yuan per piece, more than twice the limit price of 8.8571 yuan; Merck also gave a price of 1.4 yuan per tablet in the quotation of metformin reprieve, which is more than 300% higher than the limit of 0.34 yuan, compared with the selected domestic pharmaceutical companies with the same specifications of products less than 7 cents, nearly 2000% higher.
    through the results of this collection is not difficult to find that most of the original research drugs because of the development of multinational pharmaceutical companies for their own development considerations to take the initiative to be out of the collection, prompting domestic generic drug substitution began to show an upward trend.
    to this industry, as the volume of procurement to normal, in the next collection, if foreign-funded enterprises continue to abandon the market, this will certainly accelerate the concentration of the generic industry.
    In fact, opportunities often coexist with challenges, and some industry insiders say that the price of centralized procurement is significantly lower than the original price of the drug, which has squeezed the profits of pharmaceutical companies, which put forward higher requirements for drug quality control.
    Addition, for most generic drug companies that have not yet made the bid, how to actively explore markets outside the market, such as retail terminals, Internet sales channels, etc., will also become its next focus layout and consideration of the direction.
    , in the general environment, the future domestic pharmaceutical market competition will become more intense.
    Against this background, generic pharmaceutical manufacturers, especially those who perform well in the volume procurement competition, should believe in the development prospects and sustainable benefits of their camps, and strive not to fall out of the way, each exerting its initiative and creativity to make the edge and utility of the generic drug market bigger and stronger.
    In addition, local generic drug research and development, production enterprises as a national force in the pursuit of pharmaceutical science and technology, the power of the state to support competition should dare to cast swords, bright swords, should continue to overcome difficulties over time, sooner or later, as soon as possible in the business community to make a strong with Chinese characteristics.
    only in this way can we increase our competitiveness and not be easily eliminated by the market.
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