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    Which tumors have a high chance of recurrence and metastasis? How can cancer patients prevent and respond?

    • Last Update: 2022-10-01
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    Surgery is an important treatment method in cancer treatment, which can remove the lesion in time so that the patient can obtain clinical cure, but if after a period of time, the primary part of the tumor, or other parts of the tumor grows a tumor of the same nature, which means that the tumor recurs and metastasizes

    In general, there is a peak period of recurrence and metastasis of cancer, and the shorter the time after the end of treatment, the greater the likelihood of its recurrence

    So, do you know when recurrent metastases often occur after surgery? And which cancers have a greater chance of recurrence after surgery? How can we prevent it during the rehabilitation period?


    The time at which cancer recurrence metastases appear

    The cancer recurrence metastasis period is generally within 5 years after surgery, and 2 years after surgery may be the peak period of recurring metastasis, and the risk of recurring metastasis will be reduced after 5 years, but it does not mean that there is no chance
    of recurring metastasis.

    It can even be said that there is always a risk of recurrence and metastasis after cancer surgery, and some patients may relapse after 5 years or more than ten years

    Therefore, it has been emphasized that cancer patients should be followed up for a long time after surgery, follow the doctor's instructions for regular medical review, generally the frequency of re-examination within 2 years after surgery is relatively high, if the re-examination has no abnormalities, the condition is stable, the physical condition is better, and the frequency
    of re-examination can be reduced at the doctor's suggestion.


    Which tumors have a high chance of recurrence and metastasis?

    In general, cancer malignancy can be divided into high, medium, low, large malignant tumors are easy to recur after surgery, such as small cell lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, gallbladder cancer, etc.

    For the same cancer, different pathological types and tissue grades will also have different recurrence and metastasis probabilities


    Pancreatic cancer is one of the most dangerous cancers of all cancers, known as the "king of cancer" and has a poor prognosis, with a 5-year survival of less than 20%.

    Small cell lung cancer is a type of lung cancer, the degree of malignancy is high, the growth rate of cancer cells is very fast, cancer cells are easy to metastasize or infiltrate the surrounding tissues, so patients will have metastatic symptoms, the probability of recurrence is extremely high

    There are no obvious symptoms in the early stage of gastrointestinal cancer, and the general diagnosis is that there is often invasion and metastasis, thus missing the best treatment time

    Even if it is treated surgically, it will recur due to the high degree of malignancy


    The lymphatic system is distributed throughout the body, and it is very difficult to completely cure, even after the operation, the cancer cells will metastasize
    to other parts.

    There is also difficulty in early diagnosis of lymphoma, which may have reached the middle and advanced stages at the time of diagnosis, and the prognosis is very poor

    Cancer recurrence and metastasis is a result
    that many patients do not want to see.

    It will not only increase the difficulty of treatment, but also reduce the quality of life and survival cycle
    of patients.

    Next, follow Xiao E to understand what to do
    to avoid the recurrence of cancer.


    To reduce the risk of recurrence after surgery, early treatment should be given

    Because the early cancer cells are not very active, the degree of variation is small, and when the cancer cells have not spread, the lesion site can be removed in time to reduce the risk of

    Therefore, high-risk groups need to go to the hospital regularly for cancer screening, especially those with a family history of cancer, have chronic diseases and are over 65 years old

    Do adjuvant treatment after surgery

    After cancer patients receive surgical treatment, it does not mean that everything is fine, but also need to cooperate with the doctor for the next step of treatment, such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy, interventional therapy, traditional Chinese medicine treatment and targeted therapy, etc.
    , which can kill the cancer cells hidden in the body, thereby reducing the risk of

    Do a good job of rehabilitation care after surgery

    After a series of treatments, patients need to do a good job of rehabilitation, face the disease correctly, stabilize their emotions, and not let the spirit be overly nervous or depressed, so as not to disrupt endocrine, reduce immune function, and promote the growth of
    cancer cells.

    In addition, it is necessary to adjust the diet and balance the intake of nutrients for the body, which can help enhance immunity

    Thymic faxin improves immune function and postoperative survival

    Autumn and winter are coming, affected by various factors, cancer patients have poor resistance, so it is more important to actively improve immunity and prevent infection and tumor recurrence

    If necessary, people with long-term immunodeficiency can use immunomodulatory drugs such as thymus for injection to modulate immunity under the advice of doctors to enhance the patient's own resistance

    At present, the injection of thymus method is included in the diagnosis and treatment guidelines of liver cancer, gastric cancer, pancreatic cancer, lymphoma and other tumor diseases, and a number of clinical studies have confirmed that the combination of injection thymus method and other therapeutic methods can synergistically enhance patients' immunity and reduce cancer recurrence, thereby improving their quality of life and prolonging the survival cycle of

    If tumor patients want to avoid lesion metastasis or recurrence of the disease, they should be detected early and treated

    After diagnosis, it must be actively treated, and after the operation, attention should be paid to the recovery
    of the body's immune function.

    With a healthy body, the disease will not be easily found, and the cancer cells will have no suitable conditions for survival, so the probability of recurrence and metastasis will be greatly reduced

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