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    White paper of traditional Chinese Medicine published for the first time

    • Last Update: 2016-12-07
    • Source: Internet
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    Source: People's daily, Dec

    7, 2016, Beijing, Dec

    6, 2016 (reporter Wang Junping) China's new office held a press conference to introduce the white paper "Chinese medicine" and the development of traditional Chinese medicine

    This is the first time that the Chinese government has published a white paper to systematically introduce the development of traditional Chinese medicine and its characteristics, the national policies and main measures for the development of traditional Chinese medicine in China, and to demonstrate the scientific value and cultural characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine

    Wang Guoqiang, deputy director of the national health and Family Planning Commission and director of the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine, attended and answered questions from reporters

    Wang Guoqiang said that the price rise of traditional Chinese medicine is an objective fact

    The price has been low in the past, which has a direct impact on the enthusiasm of pharmaceutical farmers to plant medicinal materials

    Without a reasonable price formation mechanism, the quality of traditional Chinese medicine planting will also be affected

    On the one hand, we should vigorously promote the standardized cultivation and development of traditional Chinese medicine, so as to form a large-scale on the basis of improving the quality of traditional Chinese medicine

    On the other hand, we should establish a reasonable price adjustment mechanism to ensure that the masses of the people can use Chinese herbal medicines

    In terms of supply, we should strengthen scientific research, find alternatives and improve the ability of artificial planting

    In terms of solving the medical qualification of the practitioners of folk traditional Chinese medicine, the first is the "old way for the elderly" Before the date of promulgation of the law on practicing doctors, the medical qualifications of the teachers or practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine (ethnic medicine) who have obtained the professional and technical title of medical profession or have the expertise shall be recognized; secondly, it is stipulated to encourage the qualified Chinese medicine, ethnic medicine, teachers and practitioners with the expertise to obtain the qualification to participate in the qualification examination of doctors by learning from the teachers; thirdly, it is TCM I The chief technical officer, who has passed the clinical assessment and passed the examination, shall be granted the qualification of the chief technical officer of the village doctor and be allowed to provide services within the scope of practice

    The Chinese medicine law of the people's Republic of China is under deliberation and will solve the problem of the qualification of the practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine

    In addition, Wang Guoqiang said that traditional Chinese medicine may be destroyed in traditional Chinese medicine, mainly due to concerns about the quality of traditional Chinese medicine

    In the future, the following work will be carried out to solve the problems of the quality and resources of traditional Chinese medicine and ensure the drug safety of the people: first, carry out the fourth general survey of traditional Chinese medicine resources to find out the national traditional Chinese medicine resources; second, promote the ecological planting of high-quality traditional Chinese medicine, adhere to the standardization, scale and industrialization of traditional Chinese medicine, and ensure the production of high-quality traditional Chinese medicine from the source; third, actively promote the standard of traditional Chinese Medicine To standardize, we should systematically build a standardized service support system for traditional Chinese medicine, promote the traditional Chinese medicine industry to plant, produce and make good medicines, and enable the people to take good medicines

    According to reports, 86 governments and Chinese governments have signed agreements on cooperation in traditional Chinese medicine

    In the past 10 years, according to the statistics of the World Health Organization, the number of countries that have formulated traditional medicine policies has increased from 25 to 69, the number of countries that have formulated regulations on the supervision of herbal medicines has increased from 65 to 119, and the number of countries that have formulated regulations on the supervision of traditional medicine service providers has also reached 65

    The international community attaches more importance to the value of traditional Chinese medicine.
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