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    WHO decides to resume hydroxychloroquine anti-new coronavirus trial

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    , June 5, Geneva: After announcing on May 25 thinly suspended the suspension of the anti-new coronavirus trial, WHO announced on the 3rd that, based on the existing patient mortality rate data, WHO decided to resume the test of hydroxychloroquine anti-new coronavirusWHO Director-General Tandese said at a regular press conference at WHO headquarters in Geneva on the same day, due to concerns about drug safety, WHO "Unity Pilot Project" implementation team decided to temporarily call off the test of hydroxychloroquine anti-new coronavirus, after which the Safety Data Monitoring Committee has been evaluating hydroxychloroquine safety data, "based on the existing mortality data, members of the Committee recommended that there is no reason to modify the pilot program."Tandese noted that the WHO Uniting Pilot Team's implementation team, which had accepted the advice of the Safety Data Monitoring Committee, agreed to continue all branch trials of the Umoja project, including the hydroxychloroquine anti-neo-coronavirus trial, and that the implementation team would communicate with the relevant research leaders on the resumption of the hydroxychloroquine anti-new coronavirus test laterIn March, WHO launched the Solidarity Pilot Project to compare the safety and efficacy of four anti-neo-coronavirus drugs or combinations of drugs through clinical trials, of which hydrochloroquine, another antimalarial drug, chloroquine is not among them( and on May 22nd the authoritative medical journal Lancet published an observational study indicating that patients with new coronaceable pneumonia, whether alone or taking cyclosine, are taking the drug in combination with doubts about hydroxyl chloroquine reached a high point on 25 May after WHO announced the suspension of the trial for hydroxyl chloroquine, although there were also voices that the observational study published in The Lancet was flawed and that its research methods and data collection did not reflect the actual situationAs to how the "efficacy" of hydroxychloroquine is, WHO Chief Scientist Swaminatan stressed at a press conference on the 3rd that there are still many "unknowns" in the treatment of new crown pneumonia using hydroxychloroquine, and that the definitive answer can only be obtained through clinical trials, especially standardized randomized trials, so WHO encourages the continuation of hydroxychloroquine anti-neo-coronavirus tests, while closely monitoring the safety data of the test, and does not rule out further adjustments to the trialin(Complete)
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