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    WHO: New crown variants discovered in India are more infectious

    • Last Update: 2021-05-21
    • Source: Internet
    • Author: User
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    Currently, the second wave of the epidemic in India has deteriorated sharply, with more than 300,000 newly diagnosed cases in a single day for 19 consecutive days.

    What’s more worrying is that the new coronavirus variant strain discovered in India has spread to at least about 20 countries or regions around the world, and its infectivity has been further enhanced.
    The World Health Organization has listed the variant strain as a “warning strain” on a global scale.
    Variant strain".

    Many countries have discovered that the mutated virus reported by India is affected by the Indian epidemic, and the Nepal epidemic, which is on the "top of the world", is also in emergency.

    The Ministry of Health and Population of Nepal released data on the evening of the 10th, showing that in the past 24 hours, there have been 9271 new coronavirus infections and 139 deaths across Nepal.

    Some medical experts analyzed that, in addition to factors such as crowded public places and people neglecting epidemic prevention measures, the resurgence of the epidemic in Nepal is closely related to India.

    Some Nepalese returned from India and carried the double mutant virus into the community, causing a rapid increase in cases.

    In a crematorium in Kathmandu, Nepal, a woman mourns next to the corpse of a family member who died of COVID-19.
    Except for Nepal, on May 11, the Philippine Ministry of Health confirmed that the mutant virus strain B.
    617, which was first discovered in India, had appeared in the Philippines.
    There are currently 2 cases of infection in the Philippines.

    Thailand's New Crown Epidemic Management Center said on the 10th that the first reported case of mutated new coronavirus infection in India was found in Thailand for the first time.

    In order to avoid the further spread of this mutant virus, the Thai government will expand the entry ban, except for India, from now on suspending the issuance of entry permit documents to non-Thai nationals entering from Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh.

    Sri Lankan immunologist Jiwandala issued a report on the 8th, saying that the country has discovered the extremely infectious mutated virus B.
    617, which is the earliest reported in India.

    Fernando Ple, Minister of State in charge of basic medical and health services, epidemics, and new crown prevention and control, told local media on the 9th that the mutant virus has caused a significant increase in the number of confirmed cases in Sri Lanka.
    The next two or three weeks will be a critical period.
    If people comply with the epidemic prevention regulations, The epidemic situation may ease somewhat.

    Not only foreign countries, but confirmed cases imported from India and Nepal have been found in many places in my country recently.

    On May 10, Shenzhen added two new cases of asymptomatic infection imported from India, and Chongqing added one confirmed case of new coronavirus imported from Nepal.
    On May 6, Guangzhou added two new confirmed cases imported from Nepal.

    The infectivity-enhancing mutant strain became a “mutant strain of concern” on May 10, local time, Maria Van Kokhoff, the technical director of WHO's health emergency project, said at the press conference that existing information showed that the virus was found in India.
    The infectivity of the new coronavirus mutant strain has increased, and the neutralization response has been reduced in some cases.
    The WHO has listed the mutant strain as a “mutant strain of concern” worldwide.

    There is no data on the impact of the mutant strain on diagnosis, treatment and vaccines.
    There will be mutant new coronaviruses in the future.
    Every effort must be made to control the spread of the virus and use existing tools to reduce severe patients and deaths.

    According to data, as of May 10, the number of newly diagnosed new crown cases in India exceeded 300,000 in a single day for 19 consecutive days, with a total of 22,662,575 confirmed cases and a total of 246,116 deaths.

    China and other countries have effectively controlled the new crown virus.
    People can live normally.
    Michael Ryan, head of the WHO's health emergency project, said that Wuhan and most parts of China have realized the benefits of effective control of the virus.

    Michael Ryan, picture source: CCTV News Wuhan suffered a lot in the early stage of the epidemic, and sacrificed a lot, and then controlled the epidemic and maintained this state.

    When the incidence is very low, it is not surprising that people do not wear masks outdoors.
    The same can be seen in countries such as Australia and New Zealand.

    Ruian pointed out that these countries have adopted comprehensive response measures.
    When the incidence rate drops to a very low level, economic and social life will have more choices.

    Countries such as China still maintain a high degree of vigilance, and can respond very quickly when an epidemic is detected, and at the same time allow people to live a normal life.
    This is also the state that many countries want to achieve now.

    In addition, Mary Angela Simao, Assistant Director-General of the World Health Organization, said that the World Health Organization evaluated the clinical data of China's Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccine and recognized the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine.

    The WHO conducted field inspections on vaccine production in January and February, and the production process was standardized.

    Mariángela Simão pointed out that the national medicine vaccine is widely used worldwide and the vaccine is safe and effective.

    Kate O'Brien, Director of Immunization, Vaccines and Biological Preparations of WHO, said that the Sinopharm vaccine is very effective in preventing severe illness and death.
    The vaccine requires two doses.

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