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    WHO: The new coronavirus has not been deliberately used by laboratories

    • Last Update: 2021-02-23
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    of February 12, local time, Beijing time this morning, the World Health Organization held a regular briefing on the outbreak of new crown pneumonia.
    WHO expert group leader Peter Ben Ambarek said the international expert group's trip to China had been successful in many ways and provided a better understanding of the situation at the outbreak, including the spread of the virus, virus genetic sequencing and wildlife tracing. "The new coronavirus
    been deliberately used by the laboratory" and that "no one had seen the virus before the outbreak," Ambare said.
    Peter Ben Ambarek noted that the WHO team of experts went to laboratories in Wuhan and discussed with staff that there was initially no new coronavirus, consistent with the claims of other laboratories around the world that the virus had not been deliberately used in any laboratory studying coronavirus. Although the new coronavirus "may exist in samples that have not yet been processed", from all laboratory knowledge, "no one had seen the virus before the outbreak, otherwise the new coronavirus would have appeared in the research paper" - the researchers if they found the new virus, it will be published immediately, which is common worldwide.
    WHO expert group leader Peter Ben Ambarek: There will be no large-scale outbreaks in Wuhan and surrounding regions until December 2019, but the origin of the virus, animal hosts and the route of population transmission in December are not yet known.
    marion Koppmans, a member of the WHO expert group, said more than 30,000 animals of different species and locations had been tested and screened, no potential hosts of the new coronavirus had been found, and no intermediate hosts had been identified, but the traceability provided clues for the next step.
    group of experts has also seen unresolted findings on bats, including attempts to culture new coronavirus from them, but the culture process has rarely been successful. In addition, the virus found in the study's large-scale screening is also far from the new coronavirus.
    (Chief Station Reporter Zhu He)
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