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    Who will stand up to the day of water-colored paint?

    • Last Update: 2021-01-07
    • Source: Internet
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    "Human society is developing, human society is making progress, recently brainwashed by this sentence also want to talk about development and progress." Now everything in society is about keeping pace with the times, who is moving forward, who is retreating, who is stepping in place! Let's see how the paint industry is developing.
    In the no paint this word, paint is paint, no matter where needed, brush is paint, as the name implies is certainly oily, and paint is also slightly more polluting than, in this case, water-based paint appeared, out of the sky, and its rapid posture to seize the market, occupy the market share of oily paint.
    the earliest appearance of water-based paint is in 2003 in the home wear industry, the emergence of water-based wood paint, is the emergence of water-based paint. In 2010, the promotion and marketing of various water paint brands thoroughly laid the foundation in the consumer market. And water paint and paint relative, strictly speaking, it is a simplified product concept, is water-based paint or water-based paint short, but from a marketing point of view, it is a successful marketing concept, water paint this is called, for the vast number of consumers who do not understand paint, although only less than water-based paint a word, but better memory, dissemination , also more popular, easier to understand, sounds healthy, environmentally friendly, and, the positioning of this name directly separates itself from other paint brand areas without the word "water", forming a unique market barrier, complemented by strong publicity, promotion, and catch up with the Strong desire of Chinese consumers for home-based environmental protection, success is also reasonable.
    The beginning in the water-based home paint adhere to are foreign paint enterprises, and the start-up and development is mainly foreign, the domestic market has been or oily paint occupied, and domestic water-based paint is not non-existent, but the major paint enterprises are oily paint start, although there are their own water-based paint research room, but always rival their own oily paint.
    And paint makes people feel bad about another aspect, that is, VOC emissions, oily coatings no matter how developed, can not avoid the reality of VOC emissions, in any case changes, will release VOC, and although in line with national standards, but the amount of release compared to water-based coatings is still a lot. In this way, the development of water-based coatings is inevitable. From the beginning of small area, less enterprise production, most of the wait and see, and now all paint enterprises are competing for production, this is the development and progress of the paint industry, although many paint enterprises have been unable to achieve the peak of water-based coatings, but than those who do not know to change, but also adhere to the rules of oil-based coatings enterprises, there is room for development. And now although oily coatings are still in use, the use of more and more reduced, the future oily coatings will still exist? Can water-based coatings always dominate the market? Will there be other new non-polluting coatings? The future bears witness to us!
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