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    Whole Grains: Top 10 Unexpected Health Benefits

    • Last Update: 2021-02-03
    • Source: Internet
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    you can't imagine the great benefits of replacing some fine white rice and white flour with whole grains?

    one: Eating whole grains increases the nutritional supply.

    the same weight and energy, whole grains can provide more than three times the white rice vitamin B1, B2 and minerals such as potassium and magnesium. For example, refined white flour is only a quarter of whole wheat compared to whole grains. For example, rice is only a fifth of millet in potassium and iron compared to millet. Therefore, eating coarse grains (whole grains) allows people to get more nutrients if they are full. People with bad gastrointestinal tracts should not refuse to eat coarse grains because of their "rough" appearance, as long as they choose a good variety, not only will not increase the burden on the digestive system, but can help absorb more nutrients. For example, millet, large yellow rice, sorghum rice, brown rice, lotus seeds, etc. , cooking porridge is easy to digest and absorb.

    two: eat whole grains can eat more disease prevention and health care ingredients.

    whole grains contain not only more dietary fiber and multivitamins, but also more antioxidants. Skin red, purple, and black grains are a good source of anthophylactin, while yellow whole grains contain carotenoids, and barley and oats are rich in beta-glucosin. These substances have health benefits, such as help to prevent cancer, prevent coronary heart disease, help control blood sugar and blood cholesterol after meals, delay eye aging and so on. The health component in white rice noodles is minimal.

    three: high fiber content of whole grains can help reduce the risk of bowel cancer.

    know that whole grains have a lot of cellulose and a lot of dietary fiber. At the same weight, more dietary fiber and resistant starch can be provided, which can not only help to clear the intestines, help people with constipation, but also promote the proliferation of beneficial bacteria in the large intestine, improve the gut micro-ecological environment, and help reduce the risk of bowel cancer.

    four: whole grains after a meal of blood sugar rise slowly, diabetic people are most suitable.

    is a delicate, soft staple, the more intense the blood sugar rise. Even the same amount of starch, because eating whole grains of beans need to chew, digestion is slow, after the meal blood sugar is relatively low, can reduce the need for insulin. Diabetics should choose the above variety of grains beans, oats, barley, brown rice and other mixed staple food, after the meal blood sugar will be easy to control, do not worry about hunger and hypoglycemia.

    five benefits: eat whole grains full of feeling strong, drink porridge is not hungry.

    a bowl of grain bean porridge is very full, not hungry for a long time. And the same energy of white rice, bread, etc. eat fast, poor satiety, it is easy to feel hungry, the result is unconsciously let the body eat more calories. If you want to lose weight in the long term, you need to control your dietary energy, and you can't feel as hungry as you can be with nutrients like vitamins and minerals. That being the case, why not choose to be fuller and more nutritious in energy situations?

    six: Eating whole grains can help prevent obesity.

    study showed that people who ate the most grains on a daily basis had a smaller risk of getting fat with age, while those who ate fine white rice and fine white noodles had a very high risk of getting blessed in middle age. Eating whole grains is not easy to overeat, and after meals blood sugar rise slowly, insulin demand is small, is conducive to inhibiting the synthesis of fat.

    seven: eating whole grains can effectively prevent sleepiness after meals.

    a lot of people have this experience, lunch eat white rice and red meat and so on cover rice, box lunch, feel the body is particularly lazy, the brain becomes very slow, even sleepy want to sleep. You may wonder why you still feel tired after eating a meal that is not greasy or difficult to digest. This is because a large number of delicate white and soft staple foods, will cause blood sugar to be quickly absorbed into the blood, insulin levels rise rapidly, and insulin levels may also be one of the reasons for the body's sleepiness after meals.

    eight: eating whole grains can protect physical strength and thinking ability.

    B vitamins are very important for the efficient work of the nervous system and for abundant physical fitness, especially vitamin B1. Lean pork is rich in vitamin B1, but it also contains more saturated fat and cholesterol, can only be eaten in small amounts every day; Therefore, the most practical sources of vitamin B1 in the diet are whole grains, legumes and potatoes. People who often eat grains are energetic and not prone to fatigue.

    nine: Eating whole grains can help balance hormone levels.

    study found that fat women are more likely to develop breast-boosting uterine fibroids and have a higher risk of breast cancer. Women who eat whole grains on weekdays have lower body fat content under the same conditions, which is beneficial to the prevention of the above diseases. At the same time, eating whole grains to get more dietary fiber is also conducive to reducing the utilization rate of cholesterol in the diet, to avoid estrogen and other steroid hormone levels are too high. Some women with mild breast hyperplus and severe premenstrual breast swelling can often reduce or even eliminate symptoms and reverse the trend of hyperplusing after eating whole grains and increasing exercise.

    10: Eating whole grains can help improve skin quality.

    To whole grains as the main food, on the one hand to obtain dietary fiber, so that the intestinal excretion smooth, on the other hand can balance the level of sex hormones, but also to provide a wealth of B vitamins, thereby reducing the facial skin excessive oil, acne, cracking, seborrhed dermatitis and other conditions, so that the skin gradually become smooth.

    people's fear of coarse grains is mainly due to their coarse taste. In fact, the problem is almost non-existent. Use a soy milk machine to make coarse beans into paste, the taste is very good, more convenient than cooking rice porridge. Cooking porridge in an electric pressure cooker is no different from cooking rice in an electric rice cooker, with a soft taste and rich aroma, but the nutritional value is completely different from that of white rice porridge. Fresh millet porridge is more delicate and delicious, rich aroma. For the sake of health, add coarse grains to the ranks of staple foods!
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