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    Why does furniture paint work slowly in winter? How to solve this problem

    • Last Update: 2021-01-22
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    Winter is the furniture industry production and marketing season, and paint due to the winter weather temperature is low, drying speed is slow, greatly reducing production capacity, and water as a thinner of water paint, furniture factory is even more avoidable!
    paint formula is in accordance with the temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, humidity of 75 percent of the construction environment requirements designed, and the brushing substrate also has quite high requirements, wood paint on the substrate requirements moisture content of 8 to 12 percent, so the paint suitable temperature range of 8 to 35 degrees Celsius, the temperature is too high or too low when not suitable for construction. In winter, the temperature gradually drops, normally speaking, about 25 degrees (20-30 degrees) is the ideal temperature for furniture paint construction. In this temperature range, the construction performance of furniture paint is relatively stable; More than 30 degrees is a high temperature zone, less than 20 degrees is a low temperature zone

    . In the low temperature zone, the conditions of 10-20 degrees are still reluctant, and the construction conditions below 10 degrees are even worse, especially near zero degrees, the paint reaction has been quite slow.
    paint low temperature slow drying construction may be a problem
    in winter construction, many times the production of furniture factory is often held back by sales. Most furniture factory year-round, hope is this peak season, in order to produce more goods, often regardless of the actual situation, contrary to objective laws, through some unscientific, not rigorous methods to try to artificially shorten the cycle of furniture coating process. For example, the bottom layer is not dry on the barely polished re-painting; Add your own drying agent to the system; Do not match the corresponding curing agent according to the requirements of the paint supplier and choose fast-drying curing agent matching; self-advocacy in the curing agent into the other fast-drying curing agent; Do not according to the required curing agent ratio, artificially increase the proportion of curing agents and so on. Some paint suppliers in order to meet the requirements of the furniture factory's primer quickly dry good polishing, in the absence of a fastening system, ingly add more polishing powder, such primers in the paint film is not dry when you can polish, thus misleading the construction staff.
    above irregular operation are dangerous operation behavior, forming a great quality hidden danger: do not match the curing agent or increase the proportion of curing agent, will affect the transparency of the paint film, and may cause the paint film hard and brittle, easy to whiten, burst, off-layer, etc. Because the bottom layer is not permeable, after the coating, light may appear bite, paint film shrinkage, wrinkle, hardness is not enough, indentation, scratches, heavy in the furniture packaging after the sale of paint film appear whitening, off-layer, cracking and other issues.
    Paint low temperature slow dry when export furniture may be a problem
    paint low temperature slow dry problem, for furniture enterprises to do export orders, especially pay attention to, because the face of the global market, products shipped to all over the world, and each country and region climate conditions vary very much, especially in russia, Canada and other very cold weather places, winter indoor and outdoor temperature difference is very large, this paint and construction requirements are higher, to the furniture factory costs and costs are higher!
    limitations of solving the problem of low-temperature slow-drying from paint formulations
    It is common sense to avoid the problem of paint slow-drying at low temperatures by adjusting the formulation of paint products. For example, the choice of fast-drying resins and curing agents, the addition of drying agents, the selection of volatile solvents and so on, can make the paint at low temperature conditions to maintain a relatively fast drying speed.
    this is not the case, which means that formula adjustments do not solve the problem completely. This is because the performance of paint is not isolated, different performance is interrelated, some even contradictory, in improving the performance of one aspect will affect other performance at the same time, so can not do a performance too extreme, otherwise there will inevitably be other performance to the other extreme, resulting in quality hazards.
    , for example, extreme fast drying may have the following problems: first of all, cross-link reaction is too fast, so that the paint can be used after the use of too short, construction is extremely inconvenient; Secondly, the construction of poor leveling, paint is prone to wrinkles; Third, the paint film after drying hard brittle, may appear cracking, off-layer, whitening and other quality problems. The first two problems can generally be seen during construction, the impact may be relatively small, and the third problem is often not seen on the spot, to wait until the furniture is done before slowly showing, or even until the furniture in bad weather conditions (such as dry and cold areas) to show. In this case, the damage can be quite large, and some businesses may even be fatal.
    From the above analysis, to solve the problem of low temperature slow drying, we can not rely solely on adjusting the paint formula to extremely improve the drying speed of paint, but to change the mind, the application of healthy, scientific way to seek a breakthrough to solve the problem. With the tightening of the national government's environmental protection policy, how to make paint dry quickly in winter seems to be the most difficult problem, however, the real problem that needs to be solved thoroughly is how to be healthier, more environmentally friendly and more convenient under the premise of winter protection and fast drying!
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