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    Why does Vietnam import rice?

    • Last Update: 2021-01-24
    • Source: Internet
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      (People's Daily) The Reuters news agency recently reported that information about Vietnam's rice imports from India has aroused widespread concern in the community.
    , however, industry experts, businesses and national regulators believe that this is a normal event in international trade and need not worry.
    Imports of low-grade rice for processing Reuters news agency on January 4th quoted Krishna Rau, president of the Indian Rice Exporters Association, as saying it was India's first rice export to Vietnam.
    , one of the world's biggest rice exporters, is really surprising that Vietnam imports rice from its big rivals.
    even asked with alarm whether the reason for the import was the lack of rice in Vietnam. In an interview with reporters, agricultural expert Huang Zhongshui stressed: "International trade in rice import and export activities are normal."
    ," Mr. Huang Zhongshui said, noting that Vietnam's rice exports will achieve good results in 2020.
    it is worth noting that, as a result of the effective restructuring of rice in the direction of high-quality products, the price of rice in Viet Nam has risen significantly, sometimes at $505 per t?d, over the price of rice in Thailand, usurping the world's no.
    , domestic demand for raw materials used to make rice flour, river flour, animal food and other processed products is greater.
    Huang Zhongshui said: "It is normal to export high-value high-grade rice and domestic demand for services, while importing low-grade rice as raw materials for the processing industry, so don't worry."
    's not to mention the agricultural sector's prediction that there is no shortage of rice we will consume or export this year and next, and that this rice import doesn't mean we're going to import because we're short of rice.
    simple is that we have a demand for a commodity and therefore import it.
    , the Ministry of Industry and Trade predicts that Vietnam's rice export structure is shifting towards higher-priced and value-added rice and high-grade rice.
    addition, farmers and exporters are increasingly concerned with improving the quality of rice, trace the origin of their products, and meet the stringent standards of the European Union, South Korea, the United States and other markets.
    , Vietnam's rice exports are expected to reach 6.15 million tons in 2020, with exports of about $3.07 billion.
    Although exports fell 3.5 per cent year-on-year, mainly due to a 9.3 per cent year-on-year increase in exports to meet national food security targets, with an average annual export price of $499 per tonne, up 13.3 per cent year-on-year, the highest level in recent years, bringing huge benefits to rice growers.
    , Fan Taiping, president of Zhong'an High Technology Agricultural Co., said Vietnam's import of low-cost rice from India was a normal thing in trade relations.
    india's rice is cheap, and domestic demand for rice used as raw materials is high.
    india's low-grade crushed rice is now cheaper than similar rice in Vietnam and can be used as a raw material for products such as rice flour and river flour, which are in high demand at home.
    the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, which provides domestic rice to meet consumption and export demand, said that in 2020, China's rice-producing regions have announced a bumper harvest, with production reaching nearly 43 million tons.
    in the face of the continuing plight of natural disasters, rice production has increased significantly as a result of active and flexible adoption and adjustment of planting times, so that although the area under rice cultivation has declined by 190,000 hectares, grain production has increased significantly.
    2020, the country will export 6.1 million tons of rice, with exports of more than $3 billion, with the rest to meet domestic consumption or processing needs.
    2021, we don't have to worry about the lack of rice, ' said Yu Ruqiang, head of the planting bureau at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
    , rice cultivation activities continued as planned.
    forecast that rice production in january 2021 will be about 1.2 million tons in winter and spring to meet future domestic consumption and export demand.
    Regarding rice exports in 2021, Mr. Huang Zhongshui said that the production of the Covid-19 vaccine this year, coupled with rising supply of rice from various countries, has resulted in lower rice exports and exports than in previous years, but this is also a major export of Vietnam's agricultural, for forest and aquatic products.
    said Thailand is now introducing new rice that is more sticky and absorbent than ST25 rice.
    's only weakness is that it's no more fragrant than ST25.
    rice is becoming popular with consumers, so if they can overcome their scent weaknesses, it's a product that competes fiercely with Vietnamese rice.
    , Vietnamese companies should focus on high-grade rice rather than worry about importing low-grade rice from a particular country in order to compete in the market.
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