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    Why doesn't liquor have to mark shelf life? Does liquor really not expire?

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    All said that wine is Chen's incense, a business trip, a friend came up with really ten years of cellar put XX wine to super brother wind, after opening, the wine actually only left a small half bottle, and that sour taste I still unforgettable"color: #003399";span style": "color: #003399;"this article briefly explains these two issuesshelf life refers to the best period of consumption of the product, during the shelf life, the product manufacturer is responsible for the quality of the product in accordance with the relevant standards or express guarantee of the quality conditions, the seller can sell these products with confidence, consumers can safely use, which is the official definition of shelf lifespan style"color: #E53333;"In our country, white wine is not marked shelf life, but this does not mean that liquor will not deteriorate, nor does it mean that liquor can really be stored indefinitelywhy doesnot liquor have to mark shelf life?liquor does not have to label the shelf life because of the national "GB7718-2011 pre-packaged food label general rules": alcohol content of 10% of the beverage wine can be exempted from the label shelf lifeThis is because microorganisms that are harmful to food quality are in 10% alcohol solution and cannot grow and reproduceThe high level of alcohol is relatively high, generally between 41 degrees and 55 degrees, but also up to 65 degreesEven low-grade liquor is between 20 and 38 degreesIn this alcohol content range, microorganisms are difficult to survive, there will be no microbial-induced deterioration problems, so white wine can not be marked shelf lifefrom this we can see that the country's most important to products or safety issues, as long as they do not drink the cause of microbial contamination caused by safety, you can not set a shelf lifeWhy iswine Chen's fragrance?wine has no shelf life is also a bit because the wine just produced is not necessarily the best to drink, need to store for a period of timeDuring the storage process, alcohols in the wine react with organic acids to produce a variety of esters All kinds of esters have a variety of special flavor, mixed to a certain extent, the formation of a unique flavor of wine That's why it's usually said that the wine has been fragrant for a long time Because the esteration reaction in wine is rather slow, high-quality wine usually needs to be stored for three or four years, or even longer, to mix the best flavor However, estrification reaction to a certain extent will tend to balance, there is a stop state It's been a long time coming, and it's almost taste The so-called ten- and twenty-year aging, if well preserved, in addition to psychological factors, in theory are similar does that white wine withno-expired wine mean it can be stored indefinitely? is not Although pathogenic microorganisms cannot grow, it does not mean that the composition of the liquor itself does not change For example, low-alcohol liquor slower than 40 degrees and "scented" liquor stored for a period of time will usually appear ester-based substance hydrolysis, resulting in a dull taste, some will appear a bit astringent taste But this process is relatively long, generally 5-6 years, and only a little bit of taste, so generally not as a quality problem The average person can't drink it out, only will feel spicy in a variety of white liquor flavor, with sauce-flavored liquor is the most resistant to storage, because its composition once formed more stable But it is not absolute, sometimes because of the container reasons, alcohol will also be emitted, the taste will become weak Like the example of super brother opening is not sealed good, alcohol is distributed, the taste fades not to say, do not know what taste mixed in Therefore, the sauce-flavored liquor will also have a reduction in the degree of alcohol, the taste of the wine fades, the loss of volatile substances increased and so on in general, white wine does not have a shelf life, and it does be a certain period of time more fragrant, but does not mean that the longer the storage time the better, there will be a risk of flavor loss It's just that the flavor has been lost for too long, so there's no need to mark the shelf life Source: Life Times Zhao Lichao Liao Yusakura
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