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    Wide application of automatic liquid filling machine in the market

    • Last Update: 2022-06-11
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    When the Shanghai Shenggang automatic liquid filling machine is working, the liquid only flows in the hose and has no contact with the pump, which can realize pollution-free filling

    Filling different liquids, only need to replace the hose, there is no possibility of cross-contamination, convenient disinfection and cleaning; suitable for stepper motor control, accurate measurement, error within 0.
    1%; easy to disassemble the hose without any tools, easy to learn ; Wide range of applications, almost all liquid materials can be used, especially suitable for nutrient solutions, alcohol, and detection reagents with high hygienic conditions, with a wide range of packaging and many types of applications

    The liquid filling machine is suitable for filling nutrient solutions, alcohol, disinfectants, injections, biological preparations, etc.
    that require high sanitary conditions in bottles, and is widely used in daily chemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries

    Pharmaceutical industry filling machine medicines are available in the form of powder, cream or lotion, liquid or syrup and tablet

    Liquid filling machines used in the pharmaceutical industry ensure efficient and fast filling of these substances into different kinds of containers

    Mostly, bottles, ampoules and vials are used as containers for valuable products packaged in the pharmaceutical process

    Therefore, tablet filling machines, machines for filling thicker syrups and creams, liquid filling machines, machines for filling vials and ampoules are widely used in the industry

    Cosmetic Industry Cosmetic Filling Machine Fully automatic liquid filling machine for the cosmetic industry is designed for efficient handling of products, from perfumes, lotions and creams to hair products and oils

    Products used in the cosmetic industry are usually viscous, so machines used in the cosmetic industry are specially designed to handle the filling of viscous liquids and creams

    Liquid filling machines, machines for filling oils, lotions and various other cosmetic products are the widely used forms of filling machines in the cosmetic industry

    Machines in the food, dairy and beverage industries The food, dairy and beverage industries usually use machines to fill liquid and semi-liquid products (such as juice, whisky, wine, honey, ketchup, etc.
    ) into various rigid containers, Includes jars, glass bottles, juice jars and lightweight plastics

    Liquid filling machines are widely used here

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