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    Wild mushrooms are at high risk of eating "tooth sacrifices" should be cautious and careful

    • Last Update: 2022-09-23
    • Source: Internet
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    Wild mushrooms are delicious, but the risk of consumption is extremely high
    In China, wild poisonous mushroom poisoning incidents occur from time to time, poisonous mushroom poisoning has no special antidote, toxin damage to liver, kidney and other organs, causing injury rate and mortality rate is extremely high, to the people's health and life safety bring serious harm
    。 On the one hand, the frequent occurrence of mushroom poisoning incidents and the harm to the people, on the other hand, the people's enthusiasm for eating mushrooms and the disapproval of possible serious consequences, how to effectively prevent and control the occurrence of poisoning incidents caused by the people mistakenly eating wild poisonous mushrooms? Here, the Panzhihua Market Supervision Bureau once again reminds the masses to enhance their awareness of self-protection, improve their ability to distinguish, and avoid harm
    to themselves as much as possible.
    Note the following:

    Edible mushrooms are cooked and eaten

    Don't eat wild mushrooms as much as possible, and if you have to "make a tooth sacrifice", be sure to pay attention to the way you
    Edible wild mushrooms should not be eaten until cooked, as many edible mushrooms contain irritating or toxic substances that can only be destroyed after thorough cooking
    Consumers should "be at ease" when eating edible mushrooms, and eat them after they are cooked thoroughly

    Second, do not eat poisonous mushrooms

    There is no systematic study of the type, shape and toxicity of poisonous mushrooms, and identification and poisoning treatment have always been an unsolved problem
    Fresh poisonous mushrooms and cooked poisonous mushrooms are not edible, because the toxic mushroom toxin chemical properties are relatively stable, resistant to high temperature, drying, acid and alkali resistance, general cooking processing can not destroy its toxicity, I advise "delicious mouth" to remember not to eat

    Third, the treatment of poisoning should not be delayed

    There are a variety of poisonous varieties in wild mushrooms, poisonous mushrooms have complex toxic components, poisoning manifestations are different, mainly nausea, vomiting, salivation, tearing, confusion, acute anemia, jaundice, organ damage and other symptoms, severe cases can die
    After poisoning by eating poisonous mushrooms, the condition is often dangerous, the case fatality rate is high, and there is no specific treatment
    Once symptoms of poisoning occur after eating wild mushrooms, the poisoned person should immediately induce vomiting and go to a medical institution for medical treatment
    as soon as possible.

    Fourth, early warning prompts are on mind

    Wild mushrooms grow in environments with little sunlight and high humidity, and are more prolific in mountain plateaus and other places, and the main cause of poisoning is accidental ingestion
    The following consumption tips should be paid attention to:

    (1) Do not believe in the identification methods
    circulated by the people.
    Identifying whether wild mushrooms are poisonous requires the help of professional institutions and personnel, there is no simple and easy identification method at present, and some identification methods have been proved unreliable, have no scientific basis, and cannot be trusted

    (2) Do not pick wild mushrooms
    that have not been eaten.
    In areas where there is a custom of eating wild mushrooms, consumers should never collect wild mushrooms
    that have not been eaten or are not known.
    Mushroom growth has been in the process of mutation, last year before the year was not poisonous, does not mean that this year is not poisonous, must not rely on "old experience" to eat
    at will.

    (3) Do not use
    it in areas where consumption is concentrated.
    School canteens, catering service units in tourist scenic spots, rural self-run banquets, construction site canteens and other consumer concentration areas must not use unidentified wild mushrooms in ingredients to prevent the occurrence of mass consumption of wild mushroom poisoning incidents

    (4) Don't forget to grasp the normal consumption warning
    During the wild mushroom feeding period, the market supervision departments and relevant units in areas where mushrooms are produced and have the habit of eating wild mushrooms should publicize and publicize them to the public through various forms, reminding the people not to pick and eat wild mushrooms
    at will.
    In places where poisoning by accidental consumption of poisonous mushrooms has occurred, it is recommended to erect warning signs with photos of poisonous mushrooms; At the same time, according to the characteristics of poisoning by mistakenly eating poisonous mushrooms in various places, combined with factors such as temperature, humidity, rainfall, etc.
    , early warning and forecasting are carried out before the maturity of mushrooms, and risk warnings or consumption tips are issued in a timely manner to safeguard the health and safety
    of the people.

    Although the mushrooms are delicious, they are eaten
    Accidental consumption of poisonous wild mushrooms is extremely
    harmful to the human body.
    Here, the Panzhihua Market Supervision Bureau once again reminds consumers that the fundamental way to prevent poisoning of poisonous mushrooms is not to eat wild mushrooms
    at will.
    (Edited by Li Chuang)

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