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    Will it be "top-of-the-box" if it happens? Tu enterprises have this problem?

    • Last Update: 2021-01-14
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    2015.08.17 When the Nanjing coater was spraying the exterior wall of the building, one end of the basket fell off and the coater fell to his death.
    2016.04.22 A dust explosion occurred at a paint factory in Yuhang District, Hangzhou, and three people were taken to hospital and one person was killed.
    2016.08.02 Kunming West City Heart View Building decoration smell pungent, employees wear gas masks to work, some employees appear chest tightness, shortness of breath, headache and other symptoms.
    a safety accident!

    are all safety incidents!

    the safety of the coatings industry!

    's wrong with this?

    not do a good job of safety checks when the hanging basket is installed? Why did it explode, didn't there be safety regulations? Don't know if there is a personal vendetta between the company and the owner of the heart view building decoration? A whole building of people, how much hatred do we have?
    sleep can be poisoned, but also can not sleep well at home!
    In fact, such examples are actually quite a lot, the chemical plant explosion in the last two years, the primary school drug playground incident, one after another, we can not help but sigh, decoration market, paint industry, you are "what's wrong."
    The consequences of safety are becoming increasingly alarming, with statistics in 2015 saying that the number of deaths caused by indoor air pollution in the country has reached 111,000 a year, or about 304 a day, a figure that has become so tragic that you know how many children die each year from decoration pollution.
    numbers like this, do you look like a small editor as sad!
    we can't afford such a consequence, and it hurts us, so has anyone ever wondered why such a horrible number is such a terrible number?
    1, from the beginning, that is, the production enterprises. If an employee's operation is lost, then it may be a thousand miles, do not attach importance to safety responsibilities, then how can you expect to be safe with you? Besides, enterprise managers, their own safety measures, safety education did not do a bit, how can not force an accident? There is also a quality problem, those leading to poisoning of chemicals, coatings, is not factory unqualified, pollution index exceeds the standard, small editor can not think that this is malicious competition in the trap you say!
    2, the manufacturer said let's talk about consumers. Small editor is not to deny that there are a lot of black heart small workshop god horse, specializing in the production of some poor quality, fake paint, but consumers did not distinguish between it? Don't be too greedy for cheap, after all, there is a saying that "cheap no good goods, good goods are not cheap" is not! In order to save so little money to bring their own body pain, is not a little lost because of small?
    3, in fact, coating construction problems are also a major factor. First, the construction unit supervision is not in place, and then there is the problem of paint workers, in the coating process there are a lot of precautions, like coating when the need for ventilation, to wear hand protection tools, etc. , sometimes may be painted workers did not notice, if the construction unit also did not do a good job of safety inspection, real-time supervision, the possibility of accidents will be greatly increased.
    you have to live with a mask in the future? Can you still have a good play! !
    safe! Safety!

    paint manufacturers need to pay attention to,

    construction units need to be careful,

    don't be lucky


    your luck,

    may be the misfortune of countless people's lives! !
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