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    Will sugar actually prevent the slimming gut bacteria from settling down?

    • Last Update: 2021-02-12
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    We know that sugar is the enemy of weight loss. But in the usual cognition, people only think of sugar as a source of energy. If you consume too much sugar and can't consume it, the excess energy will turn to fat and accumulate in your body.
    , however, a recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reveals the other side of the evil side of sugar: they can actually hinder the entry of "slim gut bacteria"! It's about finding ways not to let people lose weight...
    ." What is the slimming gut bacteria? That's starting with recent research. Scientists have found that many gut bacteria are associated with weight loss. Among them, one of the most common bacteria in the intestine, polymorphic bacillus (Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron, or BT bacteria), is dominant in the gut bacteriobiobacteria of slim and healthy people. Moreover, the results of the BT transplant in mice showed that the bacteria helped mice reduce their fat content and delay their weight gain, regardless of whether the calories in their diet were higher or less.
    since there is such a slimming bacteria, but also do not find a way to introduce more in the intestines? Scientists have thought about this, but it's not hard to introduce them, it's hard to keep them and let them settle in their guts.
    given that the composition of the gut bacterium is influenced by diet, the most common idea is naturally to treat these bacteria with what they love to eat and let them thrive. The study found that the genome of BT bacteria contains many genes specifically designed to digest polysaccharides. Plant components (such as complex plant gels) that the body cannot digest on its own enzymes can be digested and broken down. In other words, healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables rich in dietary fiber are a source of love for BT bacteria.
    light growth is not enough. In order for beneficial bacteria to live and work in the intestines, another important issue that cannot be ignored is "settling down", that is, how bacteria build up in the intestines - effective implantation allows the "slim bacterium" to live in the intestines, otherwise they may have to say goodbye to us with the feces.
    , how do you get BT bacteria that help you lose weight in your gut? Researchers from Yale University have discovered a key protein called the "regulatory factor", abbreviated as roc. In the intestines of sterile mice, if BT bacteria are introduced, supplemented by a sugar-rich diet, BT bacteria are retained in the intestines by "food" under the role of roc.
    Interestingly, sugars, polysaccharides (e.g. cellulose) and monosaccharides (e.g. glucose and fructose) and bisaccharides (e.g. sucrose) are "honey" and "poison" for slimming groups. The 20th group of molecules are simple in structure and can usually be absorbed in the small intestine, so in the past they were thought to have little effect on the gut bacteria that are resident in the large intestine. However, this study reveals an unexpected phenomenon: glucose and fructose, which appear to have no effect on the gut microbiota, can actually hinder the settlement of slimming bacterios. Further studies have shown that the presence of glucose and fructose can significantly decrease the expression of key roc proteins in BT bacteria!
    to validate their findings, the researchers designed a special type of BT bacteria in which the expression of roc protein in the body is not inhibited by monosaccharides. Studies have shown that even if the diet is rich in glucose and sucrose, the modified BT bacteria remain unaffected and settle strongly in the guts of mice.
    "Our diet does more than just provide nutrients to gut microbes," commented study leader Professor Eduardo A. Groisman of Yale University. "It now appears that carbohydrates such as sucrose may also act as signaling molecules."
    this study, sugar is really the enemy of weight loss, " he said. Although modified BT bacteria can be implanted in the intestines of mice free from sugar and promote weight loss, there is certainly a long way to go before these microbes become human therapies. Until then, it's good to avoid too much sugar. (Bio Valley)
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