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    Win-win cooperation I - Haihong old man visits China Railway Baoqiao

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    On June 10, under the leadership of MrMei, Vice President of Haihong Old People Group and President of North Asia, and MrGu, Commercial Director of North Asia District, the Haihong Old People's Business Team visited China Railway Baoqiao Group Co., Ltdand had a warm and friendly exchange with MrHong Jun, Party Secretary and Chairman of China Railway BaoqiaoMrHong extended a warm welcome to the Haihong old people's business team and introduced the business sectors such as china's Railway Baoqiao fork, bridge, machinery and rail transportationHe said: "China Railway Baoqiao and Haihong old people have more than 20 years of friendly cooperation, I hope that Haihong old people continue to work hard, as always, to provide high-quality anti-corrosion coating products, with China Tiebaobridge to create more and better steel rainbow." MrMei thanked the China Railway Baoqiao for its gracious reception, saying: "As a trusted partner, Haihong Old Man has brought time-tested anti-corrosion protection to more than 20 large-scale steel-framed bridge projects such as the Nanjing Yangtze River Second Bridge, Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge and Yunnan LongjiangBridgeIt is hoped that the two sides will join forces and cooperate in depth to create a new miracle in the construction of the Deep Middle Channel Yanyang Bridge"MsLi, Regional Manager of Haihong Elderly Industry Paint East China, shared the achievements of Haihong Old People in the Bridge Market, and gave a detailed description of Haihong Old People's Innovation in Green Paint Products and IBC Large Packaging Recyclable SolutionsShe pointed out that haihong elderly in China has accumulated more than 160 large-scale steel bridge protection, including the world's top 10 sloping bridge 5, the top 10 suspension bridge 4After the meeting, MrMei presented the Danish porcelain jar representing the friendship between the two sides to the China Railway Baoqiao, and wished the China Railway Baoqiao more brilliant achievements in the development of China's bridgesDuring the period, MrMei and his team also visited the production workshop of China Railway Baoqiao to learn more about the latest achievements of China Railway Baoqiao Group in production control, fine management and intelligent manufacturing.
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