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    Winter exterior paint construction, what matters to pay attention to?

    • Last Update: 2020-12-02
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    Winter exterior wall construction precautions
    winter, due to the relatively low temperature, in order to ensure the quality of construction, winter exterior wall construction needs to pay attention to what matters.
    the winter construction environment requires
    to confirm that the substrate is completely dry before coating, the construction temperature of the coating
    as far as possible to control more than 5 degrees Celsius
    . In the process of drying the film, when the temperature is below zero degrees, the emulsion will be frozen and broken milk, loss of bonding and film-forming function
    When the natural environment temperature
    is below 5 degrees Celsius
    , as far as possible to choose the solar-irradiated wall construction, the daily construction time is best controlled after
    9:30 and before 15:30
    , the construction of the negative wall should be controlled after 11:30 and before 14:30 this period of high temperature time.
    must pay attention to indoor and outdoor temperature difference
    winter construction must pay attention to
    indoor and outdoor temperature difference, so as not to heat expansion and cold shrink
    , the construction of a good wall caused certain damage.
    Construction temperature is higher than the minimum temperature of paint construction
    exterior wall paint in winter construction often appear cracking phenomenon, so should ensure that the construction temperature is higher than the minimum temperature of paint construction,
    it is best to strictly in accordance with the temperature in the product description brush.
    According to the general construction experience, the ambient temperature of paint application should not be less than 5 degrees C, the commonly used mixed color paint construction environment temperature is at least 0 degrees C above, varnish application of the ambient temperature should not be lower than 8 degrees C. If the temperature is low, a emulsion film aid can be added.
    must be pre-filled before construction
    winter air dry, water loss is faster, easy to cause empty drums, cracking, uneven walls. The coating should not be too thick during construction, and the paint should be dried before applying a layer.
    Pay attention to paint film maintenance and finished product protection
    coating film on the surface of the object to achieve drying and optimal performance time, at the standard temperature, 25 degrees Celsius takes

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