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    Winter jujubes and chestnuts, the original calories are not "good stubble...

    • Last Update: 2021-07-25
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    It's winter again before you know it.
    Pedestrians wearing thin down jackets pass by on the street.
    The roasted seeds and nuts shop on the roadside seems to warm people up.
    The crunchy and crisp winter jujube~the glutinous chestnut~in the mouth, one after another One can't stop

    Um~ children do multiple choice questions, adults want them! Boss, pay a catty for each! If I don’t eat them this season, I feel sorry for the ones that have been waiting for me for a year! Fat can be reduced after two months, but winter dates and chestnuts will be gone after two months!

    Today, let’s take a look at the main nutrients of winter jujube and chestnut, so as to avoid the next spring introspection that “it’s not for no reason to grow stronger and stronger”
    In fact, winter dates and chestnuts are not "good stubble" of calories


    "Compendium of Materia Medica" records: "Jujube is sweet, non-toxic, safe to nourish the spleen, calm the stomach, and pass the nine orifices
    " Therefore, jujube has become a treasure in the fruit because of its medicinal, health care, and edible functions

    In daily life, it can be seen everywhere date of the figure (blood, iron, qi), jujube vitamin C "uncrowned king"

    The vitamin C content of 100g fresh winter jujube is about 300mg, which is about 10 times that of citrus, 50 times that of pears, and more than 70 times that of apples

    The weight of one fresh winter jujube is about 15g, and the edible portion is 87%.
    Those three fresh winter jujubes can provide about 100mg of vitamin C, while the recommended intake of VC for normal adults is 100 mg/day

    Of course, in addition to vitamin C, winter jujube has other "nutritional weapons", such as jujube flavonoids, cyclic adenosine phosphate, triterpenoids and other plant compounds.
    These active ingredients can be used in anti-oxidation, delaying aging, improving immunity, and anti-cancer.
    , Play an important role in anti-fatigue


    But winter jujube is not so "angel".
    First of all, the calories of winter jujube are not low.
    If you use winter jujube as a fruit to add meals, it is best not to exceed 100g per day, which is about 6-7 of normal size.
    At the same time, you should pay attention to blood sugar.
    Secondly, the dietary fiber content of winter jujube is higher than other common fruits (grapes, apples, etc.
    ), which can easily cause gastrointestinal discomfort such as bloating.
    Finally, the skin of winter jujube is crisp and thin, and it is difficult to chew well when chewing.
    The peel (or pit) with sharp edges is swallowed into the digestive tract, which can easily cause pain or discomfort in gastric lesions, and even life-threatening


    For chestnuts, a handful of chestnuts (about 10 larger, about 110g edible portion) has the same calories as a bowl of 200g cooked rice with carbon water, not as much as the "two-liang rice" served in the cafeteria
    Because the protein and fat content of chestnuts is slightly higher than that of rice, and there are more oligosaccharides and resistant starches that are not absorbed by the small intestine, the GI index (glycemic index) is lower than that of rice, which is suitable for people who need to control blood sugar.
    Be friendly

    But on the other hand, these unabsorbed dietary fiber will easily make people feel bloated, so people with poor digestion should pay attention to eating less, especially avoid eating raw chestnuts.
    At the same time, try to eat hot cooked chestnuts instead of chestnuts.
    Stewed meat is also a good choice


    Having said so much, I actually want to tell everyone that winter is here, and those "winter fat" who cannot be returned for 7 days without reason, may be able to find some answers in this bite of crunchy and silly sweetness

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