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    Women are more resistant to Alzheimer's disease

    • Last Update: 2020-11-17
    • Source: Internet
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    (2020/09/02) Another Phase 3 clinical failure of Acasti's treatment of sHTG candidate drugs; (Click on the title, available in the original article) "Pharmaceutical 1st Time" Acasti company treatment of sHTG candidate drugs another phase 3 clinical failure Acasti Pharma has been focusing on research, development and commercialization of the treatment of severe high triglycerideemia (sHTG, blood triglyceride levels at 500-500-500-5 CaPre®(omega-3 phospholipids), a candidate prescription drug for 1500 mg/dL, announced on August 31st the results of another Phase 3 clinical study, TRILOGY 2, after announcing in January that a Phase 3 clinical trial of the trial drug had failed.
    news led directly to a 60 per cent plunge in Acasti's shares.
    headlines: repeated defeats.
    ( Pharmacy Managers ) from September 1st: Medical insurance drugstores can only increase prices by 15% on September 1st, "Zhejiang Province to enhance the centralized procurement platform function to promote the full coverage of medical insurance drug payment standards reform program" was officially implemented.
    the implementation of the target for all public medical institutions in the province, medical insurance fixed-point private medical institutions and medical insurance fixed-point retail pharmacies.
    headlines: Pharmacies have a lot more to do to recoil the dividends of prescription outflows.
    E Pharmaceutical Managers 50 Index ushered in the first adjustment of the three pharmaceutical companies into the 28th Shanghai Stock Exchange announced that the Shanghai Stock Exchange and China Securities Index Co., Ltd. in accordance with the rules of the index will be adjusted on September 14 to create a sample of the 50 Index.
    The index adjustment plan to replace 5 stocks: Weisheng Information, Ukip, Ze-Yi Pharmaceuticals, Tebao Biologicals, Bohai Life Branch will be transferred into the index, in contrast to the new photoelectrelectrical, thermal scene biology, Hongquan Materials Union, United New Materials, Platinum 5 stocks were transferred out.
    addition, in order to improve the predictability and transparency of the interim adjustment of the index, five stocks, including Sussaic Bio, were added as alternative lists to prevent temporary conditions between adjustments.
    : The biopharmaceutical industry is in line with the positioning properties of the tablet.
    from September 1st! A number of pharmaceutical medical insurance is not reimbursed, the State Health Insurance Administration issued the Interim Measures for the Administration of Basic Medical Insurance Drugs, effective September 1, 2020.
    the Measures, the scope of drug use for basic medical insurance is managed through the formulation of the Drug Catalog.
    8 categories of medicines are no longer included in the List of Medicines, including: drugs that primarily play a tonic role; medicines containing national precious and endangered wildlife herbs; health drugs; preventive vaccines and contraceptives; drugs that primarily enhance sexual function, treat hair loss, weight loss, beauty, quit smoking, alcohol, etc.
    : Provinces also have relevant health-care dynamics.
    (Pharmaceutical Representative) Executive job-hopping season: Wu Qiong left Merca East Chen Zhicheng to join Roche on the afternoon of September 1, Mosha East China President Luo Wanli announced to employees, Merca East China Hospital Specialist Medical Division (HSCBU) head Wu Qiong has decided to leave Merca East, seeking external development opportunities.
    the departure of Wu Qiong, the successor has been determined, from today, will be replaced by the current head of the business operations team, Ma Qi, as head of HSCBU.
    headlines: Several executives have recently left.
    the "Minenet" people blessed narcotic drugs sold 1.8 billion return funds of more than 6 billion! Last week, the 2019 China Pharmaceutical Industry Top 100 Series list was released, and People's Fu Pharmaceuticals was named top-14 pharmaceutical company, up 25 places from 2018.
    Recently, People's Fu Pharmaceuticals released the first half of 2020 results, affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, operating income decreased by 8.23% YoY to 9.656 billion yuan, the company actively responded to market changes to adjust the product structure, while during the epidemic, the cost of various expenses decreased and supported by the tax reduction policy, net profit reached 392 million yuan, an increase of 16.56 percent YoY.
    's total market value is now close to $50 billion, up more than 170 percent so far this year.
    headlines: Narcotic drugs are on sale! The scientific sub-journal reveals that women's greater resistance to Alzheimer's disease (AD) is the most common neurodegenerative disease, worldwide, caused by health threats.
    overall, there are more female patients than male patients.
    , however, female patients are actually more resistant to AD: they live longer than men;
    : This suggests that the protein produced by KDM6A may be some kind of compensation.
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