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    Workflow of enzyme oral liquid filling machine

    • Last Update: 2022-06-18
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    The enzyme oral liquid filling machine uses mechanical pressure or air pressure to squeeze the material to be filled into the packaging container.
    This method is mainly used for filling thick materials with high viscosity, such as tomato paste, minced meat, toothpaste, balsam, etc.


    Sometimes it can also be used for the filling of soft drinks such as soft drinks.
    At this time, the air pressure of the soft drink itself is directly poured into the uninflated and isobaric bottle, thereby increasing the filling speed.
    The formed foam is easy to disappear because there is no colloid in the soft drink.
    The normal working process of the enzyme oral liquid filling machine has a certain influence on the filling quality: Press the start button, transfer the wheel and start the filling machine

    Press the conveyor belt start button again, and the bottle feeding conveyor belt of the filling machine will start

    After the bottles enter the conveyor belt, the bottles are sent to the bottle tray lifting mechanism at equal intervals through the transfer wheels

    When the tray detects the pressure, the tray piston puts a pressure on the tray lift mechanism, and the tray starts to lift with the bottle

    During the rising time of the tray, the maximum rising time is 6S.
    If the pressure is detected by the centering cover of the liquid injection port, the tray will stop rising, and then the air valve will be opened, and the bottle will be filled with CO2

    The maximum inflation time is 6S

    When the air valve detects the air pressure, the CO2 filling will be stopped, the liquid valve will be opened, and the filling will start

    The filling time is 6S

    After the filling is completed, the tray begins to descend.
    During the descending process, the liquid valve is closed at the same time, the air return pipe works, and the exhaust and residual liquid removal operations are opened

    The bottle that has finished descending is then rotated by a certain angle and sent out by the transfer wheel, and at the same time, the bottle tray continues to move forward to enter the next cycle

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