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    Wu Feng, general manager of Pfizer China, left Huang Hai to take over

    • Last Update: 2021-03-02
    • Source: Internet
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    According to reliable internal information, Pfizer Group President Michael Goettler sent an e-mail to announce to employees that Wu Feng, the former general manager of Pfizer China, is leaving, looking for external opportunities, from now on, Huang Hai will be the chief operating officer of Puqiang China, responsible for marketing and sales, directly to Pfizer China President Miao Tianxiang reported the news.

    In addition to affirming Wu Feng's work and looking forward to a new successor, the email also mentioned the importance of the Chinese market to Pfizer.

    It is worth mentioning that Wu Feng has worked at Pfizer for more than 22 years, during which time he has never skipped a slot.

    Frank Wu,

    Pfizer's general manager for China, joined Pfizer in 1998 and has held a number of senior business leadership positions in sales and marketing in a variety of areas, including business leaders in the Chronic Diseases business unit, business leaders in acute diseases, and cardiovascular and metabolic heads, as well as in the CNS business unit

    Wu Feng, a former head of Pfizer's Basic Health China, manages more than $4 billion in businesses and has more than 6,000 colleagues. At the end of 2018, Pfizer's strong business group, which focuses on chronic diseases, was born, with Wu Feng serving as Pfizer Upjohn's General Manager for China.

    Wu Feng established and led business operations for Pfizer China, integrating key functions such as sales efficiency, business analysis and insight, and sales training. While leading the business and diversified business units, he promoted the geographic expansion business group to Pfizer's strategic growth engine and strengthened Pfizer's distribution network and retail business.

    He also served as Pfizer's acting general manager in China during the critical transition.

    Pfizer was spun off just three months after it was founded

    at the end of July, less than a year after its generic drug business, Prue, merged with Mylan, the world's largest generic drugmaker, to form a new multinational pharmaceutical company. Pfizer shareholders will own 57 per cent of the combined company, while Mylan shareholders will own 43 per cent.

    It is understood that in 2018 Pfizer's global revenue of $12.5 billion, of which developed markets in Europe and the United States accounted for 70% of the market, the Chinese market accounted for nearly 20% of the market share, the rest of the developing market accounted for the remaining 10% of the market share.

    Pfizer's 2019 Q1 data show that Pfizer's sales revenue margins come from the Chinese market, for example, in just over 500 million varieties.

    With more than 20 iconic chronic disease treatments and the world's leading business model, Pfizer aims to treat 225 million new patients by 2025. The Chinese market is one of the driving force behind the continued growth of Pfizer's strong business.

    As a segment of Pfizer's mature drug packaging and sales, Puqiang hopes to improve operational efficiency and better adapt to the rapidly changing Chinese market in recent years by using the same promotion model of mature drugs, independent of other patents and innovative drugs.

    In May, Pfizer officially opened its global headquarters in China to protect healthy China and aim to make it a global center for chronic disease management.

    However, imagination is good, the reality is that the response is always not up to policy. About three months after settling in Shanghai, Pfizer was revealed to be merging with Mylan Pharmaceuticals. The reason is likely to be related to the high premium of the original research drug lost reimbursement space due to medical reform policies such as volume procurement.

    Has the forecast of personnel change come true?

    The merger of Pfizer and Mylan is seen by the industry as a need for each other. According to a headhunter analysis, Pfizer and Mylan's cooperation, is the policy under the push of a clump of heating. But whether the group can finally warm up after the group depends on how both sides use each other's advantages to create new profit growth points.

    At the same time, it is also pointed out that the merged enterprises will also face personnel changes, organizational adjustments, if not smooth coordination, security transition, will cause time and cost losses to both sides of the cooperation.

    Finally attached is the full text of Michael Goettler's e-mail:

    Dear Chinese colleagues,

    Wu Feng will leave his position as general manager of Pfizer China to seek other opportunities. Thanks to Wu Feng's contributions over the past 22 years to the development and implementation of the company's strategy and the development of his sales team, especially as he has successfully led projects such as Inflection Point, Regional Expansion and Pilot, which have changed the lives of many Chinese patients. We sincerely thank him for his important contributions to Pfizer and Puqiang and wish him greater success in his future career.

    From now on, Huang Hai will serve as Chief Operating Officer of Puqiang China, responsible for marketing and sales, and report directly to Miao Tianxiang, President of Pfizer Strong China, and colleagues who report directly to Wu Feng will report to Huang Hai. Huang Hai has worked for Pfizer China for 17 years, and his performance in various positions is a testament to his leadership and strategic ability. We believe he will lead the Sales and Marketing team in China to greater success.

    The importance of the Chinese market to Puqiang is indisputable. The success of the Chinese market is critical to fulfilling our mission to reduce the burden of noncommunicable diseases on everyone around the world through trusted, high-quality medicines. Thank you for your contribution to achieving our common goals and your commitment to the highest ethical behavior in everything we do.

    It is believed that under the strong leadership of Miao and Huang Hai, the Chinese team will continue to achieve greater success. (Sina Pharmaceutical News)

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