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    Xi'an building materials market set off a wave of promotion of the Year of the Sheep can be happy

    • Last Update: 2021-03-04
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    Early due to the Spring Festival part of the decoration site temporarily suspended, building materials home stores have also closed, so that building materials home market into the trough. With the arrival of the post-holiday decoration boom, as well as the "March 15" approaching, the home industry's preferential activities will set off a small climax. So, with the major home stores with endless preferential activities, the Year of the Sheep will bring a red hot market to the home building materials market?
    each of the wonderful tricks to fight "3.15"
    in order to seize the market, the merchants Mo fist rub, each strange trick, in advance of the first promotional battle after the Spring Festival. Most of the promotions are from March 1 to March 15, many shop sales staff have said that in the annual "March 15", "May Day", "11" three promotional seasons, "March 15" is the year's largest discount.
    In Xi'an Beidaming Palace home building materials market, cabinet category of an enterprise launched a special package of 10,000 yuan, products can also enjoy a full 2000 back 700 yuan voucher concessions, the sales staff said, "3.15" they specifically launched three free projects and 5 preferential activities, not only free of design fees, drawing fees, installation fees, customers do not have to pay a deposit designer can go door-to-door, according to the customer's wishes to design, attract a lot of consumers. In addition, in the bathroom, wood flooring market, discount strength is also relatively large, such as an international brand bathroom launched a 60% discount. A floor sales consultant Zhang manager told reporters that they have not yet introduced specific discounts, but the "March 15" activities of the discount is about 60%, in advance booking customers can enjoy more concessions. Ms. Wang, who is buying the floor, said that it was more cost-effective to participate in the "March 15" activities, and she had just paid a deposit and waited until the 15th of this month to pay again.
    Merchants "drink" busy market but meet the "reverse spring cold
    According to reporters understand, although many business concessions are not small, but the entire home building materials mall door court snubbed, few customers, home building materials market to launch a variety of discount activities, is not very popular. Industry insiders say that this is mainly due to the first-hand property market turnover repeatedly record low, greatly constraining the downstream home building materials retail market space, and in the past two years has become a lot of furniture building materials vendors and decoration companies the main growth point of the second-hand housing renovation business also due to the serious contraction of second-hand housing transactions led to a sharp drop in orders. On the other hand, prices continue to rise, home shopping malls rental costs are not falling back up.
    experts say the "happy times" like those in the home building materials industry in previous years are gone. In the current building materials market "micro-happiness", enterprises are facing not only the overall economic slowdown of the new normal, but also some Internet companies under the banner of subversion. In the deserted market environment, household enterprises must change their thinking, adopt management and service methods adapted to the habits and lifestyles of new consumer groups, dig deep into innovation, and promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. Referring to the development prospects of this year's home building materials market, many dealers said that because the real estate market digestion inventory is still the main tone, housing prices are still under pressure, their confidence in the future is generally not high. In the past year, building materials home business climate index trend is relatively flat, real estate development composite index trend is basically parallel, with the proportion of secondary decoration demand increased, when the real estate industry fell to a certain extent, building materials home industry decline will stop.
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